Headbang in the Free State: Metal Circuit II

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Bloemfontein, South Africa: when we live in relative isolation, we tend to learn to become self-sufficient. Such is the case with Free State Metal. The city of Bloemfontein, in the region known as The Orange Free State, functions in an ironic sense of isolation from the urban heartbeats of Cape Town and Johannesburg; considering that it lays on the most direct land-based transport network between the two.

Nonetheless, last year saw the emergence of the Metal Circuit event concept, an initiative spearheaded by metallers in Bloemfontein to nurture the good health of their local scene. Stakeholders include Amanda Els – a long-time metal enthusiast – and members of Bloemfontein based band, Dreams Of Nightmares; who have since established the Free State Metal page as a place where all things Metal in the Free State can be shared and discussed, such as the posting of gigs, band members needed, instrument sales and generally sharing the love of metal.

“Last year we kept it small with Dreams of Nightmares, Bloodbeast and Bile of Man. They were epic! This year we are bringing more bands.” ~ Amanda Els (event coordinator)

With the line-up of Metal Circuit II being revealed, the number of bands since last year has in fact doubled! It includes a range of acts spanning from Durban’s legendary Theatre Runs Red to Johannesburg’s newer Insanity Unveiled, and a few other surprises to boot! We wanted to hear about what formula was being applied to choosing this year’s acts:

“We wanted to bring some new talent to Bloemfontein and also some older and established bands. Our main focus is to keep the bands in the extreme metal genre. I think this will be the first time Theatre Runs Red plays at Warriors, and we really wanted to bring some blackened death into the mix!” ~ Amanda Els

The full line-up consists of visiting bands Insanity Unveiled (Johannesburg), Maximum Carnage (Pretoria), Nerve Zero (Johannesburg) and Theatre Runs Red (Durban), plus locals Dreams Of Nightmares and the introduction of Into The Depth for their first time on stage. Other info includes an entry fee of R50 per person with doors opening at 17h00, and drinks specials to be announced closer to the time via the official facebook event page.

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