I Became Nothing: on their way to build

I Became Nothing press picture 2015

Cape Town, South Africa: fresh local Metal band I Became Nothing shot dramatically onto our radar in May 2015 with the release of a lyric video for their only available audio sample with ‘Deeds Of The Dark’.

Despite the band maintaining a relatively low profile on the gig circuit, this track has held the attentions of the public and promoters well enough that the band have been selected for the much anticipated all-age-access We Came To Build 2016 concert on Friday 18 March announced earlier this year, and hosted by local podcaster Build Your Scene. We touched base with a member of the band to chat about I Became Nothing taking it slow and the significance for them of the upcoming show.

“We prefer not to over-saturate our live performances. Ideally, we’d like to get to a place where we play at most only one live show a month.” ~ Wade Profe (vocals, I Became Nothing)

With the band’s last live appearance as far back as October 2015, participating in The Food Aid Show where local musicians aided charity, Wade also cites the festive season as being a long down-time for the band with one of the members also getting married. With next week’s concert coming up, the band is back in business!

“As far as I know, under-18 gigs are a recently resurrected practice to give the younger alternative generation a chance to party and have fun in the way that they would want to.” ~ Wade Profe

Wade also tells us that he thinks heavy metal is a great choice to include in the show because it is has always been a sidelined subculture. We wanted to know if he thought the collective “we” have the goods to lure people out:

“It’s so important for anyone who likes alternative music to go to shows and support their local bands. I don’t think it’s good enough to just claim to be an alternative music fan because you listen to some of the more popular stuff from abroad if you’ve never taken the time to get to know and support alternative bands in your own local scene. I’m not saying you must like and support every local band, but surely in a scene like ours – that has seen such a growth and resurgence in epic bands over the past while – there’s something for everybody that’s worth supporting. So why pass off the opportunity to support a great show, great bands, and a great movement in the local alternative music scene?” ~ Wade Profe

So far, interest in the event has looked promising, and we’re feeling confident that the team at Build Your Scene will be well prepared and are able to deliver a great production. Wade also tells us that as soon as the concert is behind them, I Became Nothing will be stepping back into the studio to follow up on their initial ‘Deeds Of The Dark’.

I Became Nothing will be up at 19h25, with the rest of the line-up featuring The Alpha Sequence, A Price On The King’s Head, Betray The Emissary and Atlantic South. Full time schedules and event details can be found at the official facebook event page.

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Image: Photograph by Cursurn Jantjies