Interview: Boargazm pre-Arts Expo & SF17

Boargazm - Photo Copyright: Henk Steyn Photography
Photo Copyright: Henk Steyn Photography

Pretoria, South Africa: with the much anticipated ninth edition of Emalyth‘s Arts Expo – this year tag-titled Nine Lives – looming near, as well as our own SummerFest’17 day of metal entering it’s eleventh year, we have teamed up to feature some of the bands who will appear at events. . In today’s spotlight we find the space-pig metallers from Boargazm discussing the band’s current state of affairs in 2017. Interview conducted by Kimberleigh Fae Chaye on behalf of Emalyth and M4A. ~ from the editor


With two full length albums already under the belt and numerous border-crossing (and ocean-crossing) tours completed, South Africa’s own brutal sci-fi metal roadshow Boargazm are proving that the carcass we call ‘local metal’ is still far from reaching it’s expiry date. Freshly returned from an epic ten-date tour of Brazil, and on the verge of the release of a third album titled Armagammon, Boargazm are booked for a back-to-back co-headlining stint at two of the country’s most beloved annual event fixtures for ‘underground’ live music: Emalyth‘s Arts Expo: Nine Lives, and metal4africa‘s SummerFest’17.

Boargazm 2016 The Assembly: By David Oosthuizen of Witchdoctor ProductionsFor newcomers to the Boargazm experience, the name tells a lot about the band already. There is something these guys love about pigs! And so armed with it’s theme of swine, the band propagates a tongue-in-cheek tale of an intergalactic empire which threatens to destroy our very Earth, unless mankind can become repentant of it’s evil ways towards the powerful foe’s genetic brethren living among us and at our own cruel mercies. Or something along those lines… either way, the day of the pig has come. With a comic book to boot (second edition coming soon), Boargazm present a live show filled with visual effects, humour, aggression, and general strangeness. When asked if anything funny happens at shows, lead pig Heine was quick to reply:

“All. The. Time. Too many to mention here, but it usually involves over-enthusiastic participation from the crowd. Just hang around us for an hour or so before, during, or after a show and I’m sure you’ll have or make some stories of your own.” ~ Heine Van Der Walt (vocals/guitar, Boargazm)

With an ever-increasing international footprint, Boargazm maintains a positive attitude around what they do and what they hope to achieve with their act; something quite inspiring to many of their supporters and peers, because most of us know that to thrive in South Africa whilst making heavy music is no easy task. Yet Heine and his compatriots keep a relaxed attitude about the victories as well as the pitfalls.

“Ag, it’s fun. No complaints. Everyone is spiff. It’s what you make of it, and managing your expectations.” ~ Heine Van Der Walt

With the next two weeks being an exciting double-bill for Boargazm at two well-established event brands on both sides of the country, we asked Heine to share some words on his feelings about what significance these events hold for the local community and why Boargazm is most pleased to get on board.

“The Arts Expo is a highlight for local artists. It’s just one of those annual jols with it’s own vibe and theme that everyone loves attending. A very relaxed atmosphere where you can discover the bands you haven’t already, and rock out with the ones you do know and love. It’s also a great opportunity to check out the bands from out of town that we don’t get to see all the time, and catching up with the gabbas.” ~ Heine Van Der Walt

Whilst “the pigs” are very familiarized with the Arts Expo event and environment, having participated in many over the years, 04 February will be Boargazm‘s first time playing at one of the metal4africa-hosted biannual festivals:

“I can’t contain my excitement for this one! I have never played at one of these but have always heard very good things about it, and the organizer and production team are top okes. It’s been one of Cape Town’s flagship metal events for years and years, and I can’t be happier to check all our Cape friends and fans again.” ~ Heine Van Der Walt

Catch Boargazm live in Gauteng at Emalyth‘s Arts Expo: Nine Lives on Friday 27 January at 21h50, then in Cape Town at SummerFest’17 on Saturday 04 Feb at 21h30.

For full Arts Expo: Nine Lives event details, visit the official facebook event page.
For full SummerFest’17 event details, visit the official facebook event page.

Interview by Kimberleigh Fae Chaye; co-authored by Patrick Davidson
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