M4A celebrates 10 year birthday today!

M4A WinterFest'16 by Christopher Tatzreither

Cape Town, South Africa: a sense of jubilation washes through M4A headquarters today as the project celebrates ten years exactly since unveiling the brand on 06 September 2006. Since posting a personal and heart-felt message of thanks to friends and supporters via social media yesterday by co-founder Patrick Davidson, well-wishes and commentary have arrived in a steady flow from friends, associates, and supporters from over the years.

A spokesperson at the national musical instrument retail chain, Paul Bothner Music, which has supported M4A from the beginning with backline equipment had the following to say:

“Happy 10th Birthday, metal4africa!

As we’ve watched you guys grow this past decade, we were witness to how hard work in silence – screams in success.

Today, as you enter your teens, we see ourselves as proud partners and friends of an absolutely rocking bunch of people and brand. Thanks to M4A for the friendship, and for empowering us to ‘Power the Music!'” ~ Carel van Heerden (Director: Retail Division; Paul Bothner Music Group)

M4A WinterFest'16 by Christopher Tatzreither

Another staff member of the group of companies added:

Paul Bothner Music is proud to have been associated with metal4africa as backline equipment sponsor since its arrival on the scene 10 years ago. Its not often that event production outfits last more than a few years in South Africa’s challenging music industry – a real testament to the dedication and professional standards of operation that goes into each M4A event!

As South African distributors of Laney amplification, Mapex drums and Jackson guitars, metal4africa have also given us the opportunity to promote these great brands and showcase new gear to the musicians both on stage and in the audience.

Here’s to the next 10 years!” ~ Newton Wetter (Marketing Manager, Paul Bothner Music Group)

M4A WinterFest'16 by Christopher Tatzreither

Andy Hawes, who initiated the second entertainment area at M4A as early as 2008, has had the following to say since making way in 2013 for Phillip Fourie at Nytrox Productions in this area:

“I’ve felt that M4A fills a much needed ‘gap’ in the local scene, especially that there are so few dedicated venues catering for the Metalheads. One of the reasons for M4A‘s success is the fact that it is headed by somebody that is part of the scene and extremely passionate about the local Metal scene.

Well done to the team! It was an honour working alongside you guys and I wish you all the best for the future.” ~ Andy Hawes (owner/manager, Cape Tents/DJ Doodes)

M4A WinterFest'16 by Christopher Tatzreither

A Golden Circle Events spokesperson, who stepped in to assist with sound, lighting, and staging since metal4africa was cast out of it’s traditional home after the Klein Libertas Theatre burned down in 2015, offered some words too:

“When M4A first appeared on the scene, we did all we could to get on SummerFest/WinterFest stages as a band. It was a real honour and the bands that played set a standard from early on. I would say that all those involved over the years need a huge thank you from the scene and a massive wish for the best into the future.

When the opportunity to join M4A in the production of WinterFest’15 presented itself, we jumped at the chance. Being one of the longest running local festivals, and a grass roots movement, Golden Circle recognized that we need more organizations like this involved in the scene; that focus on getting people to work together to provide a larger platform for bands to showcase their talent. We are committed to our partnering with M4A; to assist them in growing their events and support of the local scene.

Thank you for bringing a spirit of co-operation to the scene!” ~ Ian Watson (vocalist, Bulletscript / Sales & Technical, Golden Circle Events)

M4A WinterFest'16 by Christopher Tatzreither

One of our own volunteers behind operations at www.metal4africa.com also voiced his ongoing commitment to the cause:

“Having been part of the metal4africa family for nearly seven years, it’s been heartening seeing the community grow from strength to strength. While I’m not as active on the local metal scene as I was back then, keeping this bastion of African metal news up and running is still a major priority.

It has been an honour to work with everybody involved and I hope that M4A will continue to serve as the ‘Global Gateway for African Metal’ for many more years to come.” ~ Rory Molyneux (technical support, www.metal4africa.com / vocals, A Walk With The Wicked)

With that being said, it seems apparent that www.metal4africa.com has got the immediate support it requires from diverse sectors of the community in order to motivate another tenure of service. Furthermore, to mark the decennial milestone, main contributor Patrick Davidson appears ever determined to increase the output of this website to include more consistent news, broader inclusive coverage, and to service a wider international audiences needs as a matter of urgent priority. Read his personal blog entry where it is stated that “the time is right” for full details, and consider signing up to the True Believers membership club which supports the continued operation of this website.

From the team here at www.metal4africa.com, we hope to have you with us for the next chapter in our exciting journey.

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