M4A SummerFest’17 line-up announced

metal4africa SummerFest'17

Cape Town, South Africa: As we roll into a new decade of M4A shows, we have had the pleasant surprise of being revisited by old friends again lately. Join us for our 21st bi-annual celebration of all things extreme and awesome taking place on Saturday 04 February. We’ve pulled out all the stops in honouring tradition by: laying out a welcome to new bands on the live circuit, indulging a few resurrections, throwing a great party for a visitor and, of course, showcasing a number of this city’s top movers and shakers of glorious Heavy Metal and close cousins of the genre.

SummerFest’17 will take place at our newly established home in Brackenfell (same as both 2016 events), 12 Viben Avenue, nearby the Cape Gate Mall and major access route of the N1 Highway. This industrial setting has lent itself perfectly to the evolution of the event series to include more exciting features in a secured environment.


Some of the manic mayhem magic captured at SummerFest’16 by our friend Laura McCullagh, photographer for Texx And The City.

For those who plan to attend a M4A day-festival for the first time, we offer a chill-out area (nothing fancy, but where you can get a moment away from the raucous and get a breath of air for a few moments whilst remaining within the safety of the venue) and two entertainment areas including live bands, DJs, and any other tricks that we can conjure up. This year, we include a ‘Meet & Greet’ as well, so be sure to come and get a picture and signed item of paraphernalia from your favourite local acts – or just pop by to tell them how much their art means to you! There is also a market area with merchants displaying wares ranging from local band merch, imported specialties, and various hand-crafted jewelry, clothes and other fascinating ornaments and adornments. There is food available for sale on the premises, with other popular outlets (Steers, KFC, MacDonalds, etc) and ATMs accessible within a short drive (only 2km) from the venue at the Cape Gate Mall complex and it’s immediate surrounds.

We also cater for special needs visitors with a secure front-of-house parking bay (please contact us in advance via our facebook page inbox) and will have our own security personnel to assist with vehicles parked in the street. Join our official SummerFest’17 facebook event page for regular updates and take part in sharing info on things like car-pooling and other useful interactions.

Band line-up

Making these choices is always a daunting, yet exciting process. For 2017 we have increased our long-standing four-person committee formula to a six-person squad consisting of various friends of www.metal4africa.com, most of whom are not connected to the news website in any way, but are trusted for their scene knowledge and interaction. This committee is tasked with the challenge of keeping it fresh without being too reckless; bold without being too bombastic; adventurous without being disappointing, and; keeping with tradition without getting boring! Each event needs to be a unique listening and headbanging experience, and by the time this 21st event is completed, we will have hosted more than 100 unique band appearances on our stages over ten years.

16h00 – Doors Open
16h30 – Party Bus scheduled arrival time.
17h45Last One Alive
18h30Reverse The Sands
20h00Arc Reactor
22h30Zombies Ate My Girlfriend
00h30 – Party Bus scheduled departure time.
01h00 – Bar closes!

Scroll down for more info on each band

Bar Trading hours:
Doors open at 16h00. Last rounds will be called before 01h00

Venue address:
Unit 12, Viben Avenue, Brackenfell (Google map at the bottom of this page)

Cost of entry:
R100 per person

Right Of Admission Reserved:
Regretfully, no under 18 attendance will be allowed.

Party Bus:
With the events no longer taking place in Stellenbosch, the viability of a huge 60-seat bus has come into question. However, we successfully operated a smaller 22-seat vehicle for SummerFest’16 and would like do so again. If you are interested, please email to [email protected] the following info:
1. Name & Surname
2. Telephone Number
3. location / area where you live or would depart from
4. number of seats you would like to book (NB: and include names of passengers)

Typical areas serviced have included: Tokai, Wynberg, Observatory, Cape Town/Zonneblom, Goodwood/N1 City, Table View, Bellville. A route and bus size for SummerFest’17 will depend on interest shown from various areas. Please do not hesitate to inquire regardless of where in the city or surrounds you might find yourself situated.

NB: Act fast on this! We can only run a bus if it is likely to be filled. Bookings in advance are essential.

M4A SummerFest’17 limited edition T-shirts: (design mock-up coming soon)
T-shirts are available via pre-sale at R190 each, featuring a 2-sided tour-style design printed on 165gsm cotton.
A very limited quantity of shirts might be available on the date, but if you’re interested, rather book to avoid disappointment. Bookings can be placed by emailing to [email protected] with the following information:
1. Name & Surname
2. Telephone number
3. Size (s, m, l, xl, xxl, xxxl)
4. Cut/style (mens, girlie tshirt, ladies vest)
5. If more than one, please specify the size and cut for each

NB: Act fast on this! Cut-off date for T-shirt bookings is Wednesday 25 January if availability is to be guaranteed.


Regular updates and social interaction:
Join the official SummerFest’17 facebook event page.


Special gratitude:
We’d like to thank all our members at True Believers for their continued support; our long-time supporters at Paul Bothner Music instrument retailers; Laney Amplification and Mapex Drums for backline; Golden Circle Events for technical supply and expertise; and you the local metal-loving public!

Paul Bothner Music sponsored backlineOh God live at WinterFest'16

Backline sponsored by Paul Bothner Music

The Bands of SummerFest’17

17h00 – Holo

We would like to introduce the Mother City’s freshest brutal assault with Holo. This five-piece Metal act will celebrate their first year since the formation of the band by opening the live entertainment at SummerFest’17. After kicking off on the live circuit only in the most recent months, the band already attracted attention by earning a place in the finals of local musical instrument retailer Paul Bothner Music‘s “Expose Yourself” campaign during October and November. We now offer them a trial by fire onward to more exciting things!


17h45 – Last One Alive

Last One Alive have released an incredible music video in recent weeks to show the world what has been brewing behind the scenes in the lives of some scene veterans. Featuring members previously from bands such as Ill System, Animus Fall, V.O.L, Betray The Emissary and one currently still in Megalodon, this high musical pedigree is finally unleashing a sound and style long absent from our scene into the masses. We’re happy to be welcoming them to our stage as a part of their baptism into headbanging glory.


18h30 – Reverse The Sands

Making a big entry back into the live scene after half a decade of hiatus, Reverse The Sands have begun an aggressive campaign of living up to their namesake; compensating for lost years. Having performed their comeback debut in 2016 and followed immediately with a tour of South Africa alongside Germany’s Eskimo Callboy, who are we to deny them? Flashy Melodic Metal with Deathcore undertones bring a familiar echo of previous M4A festivals to our ears.


19h15 – Peasant

Returning to the M4A stage since their first appearance with us way back in 2014, Peasant are striding about tall stronger than ever! Still riding the wave of their most recent release with the Peasant III, No Love EP, the band is freshly returned from a tour to Gauteng and primed to deliver another rapturous barrage of Hardcore mayhem to home audiences.


20h00 – Arc Reactor

We were pleasantly surprised when we heard rumour that this band was talking about doing a reunion performance in 2017. After the 2013 release of their Postmodern Construct album and an electrifying appearance at SummerFest’14, we have wanted an opportunity to bring them back – hopes dashed by their announcement of hiatus in that same year. So, for the coming year, we are absolutely delighted to welcome Arc Reactor to the SummerFest’17 stage with their charismatic and dynamic style of Alternative Metal.


20h45 – Beeldenstorm

No strangers to the M4A stage, a Cape Town staple and moshers’ favourite: Beeldenstorm! When it comes to having a party and a good ol’ headbang, brothers-in-arms-style, this is who can be counted on with their straight up classic Death Metal, all offered up in the Afrikaans language. In spite of the aggressive tone and style, this band can be taken with a pinch of salt, perhaps a tequila, and a good dose of tongue in cheek.


21h30 – Boargazm

Gracing the first headliner slot for the night, we have a long overdue visit from outer space as the “Intergalactic Pigs” descend upon Cape Town. Boargazm have earned themselves the title of most-traveled South African metal band with an impressive list of international tour destinations. Not least of all includes visits to other African states such as Botswana and Kenya, but also further afield in parts of Europe and South America. In fact, Boargazm is currently on their second tour to South America, this time preaching the word of The Baconing in Brazil.


22h30 – Zombies Ate My Girlfriend

Zombies Ate My Girlfriend are still basking in the glory of their massively significant victory for South Africa at the 2016 international Wacken Metal Battle. We are extremely proud to welcome them back to appropriately headline the M4A stage where in 2012 they arrived humbly to perform their first ever live show. Ever a crowd favourite, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend serve up a natural choice as our co-headliner for this event as part of their victory dance – and ours as a nation.


23h30 – DevilSpeak

And for anybody who thought they’d be let so easily off the hook, we’ll be topping off the night’s entertainment with nobody escaping an aching neck. Cape Town’s most rapid rise to prominence seen in recent years can be credited to DevilSpeak. Hard working, hard playing, and hard headbanging all rolled into one devastating stick of Extreme Metal dynamite, this band delivers a captivating live stage performance complete with body bags, tombstones, and any other number of horror-themed tricks up their collective sleeve.

Directions to the venue

From Cape Town central / Southern Suburbs / Atlantic Seaboard:

Get onto the N1 Motorway towards Paarl. Continue passed Bellville. Approximately 1Km after the R300 overpass, take the Okavango Road (M137) offramp and turn right. Follow directions as per From Okavango Road below.

From Okavango Road:
Continue straight on Okavango Road (towards Stellenbosch) all the way (+/- 800m) to the T-junction at Old Paarl Road, then turn left (towards Paarl) into Old Paarl Road. Take the first left into Chrome Street. Take the first right (at the T-junction) into Koper Street. Take the first left (at the T-junction) into Viben Avenue, and find 12 Viben Avenue at the fourth unit on your right.

From Stellenbosch / Paarl:
From Stellenbosch, take the Plankenberg Road (R304) and turn towards Cape Town on the N1 motorway. From Paarl, take the N1 towards Cape Town. Approximately 1Km after the Brighton Road offramp, take the Okavango Road (M137) offramp and turn left. Follow directions as per From Okavango Road above.

From Somerset West / Cape Flats / Cape Town International Airport:

From Somerset West, take the N2 motorway towards Cape Town, then head North (towards Bellville) on the R300. From Cape Town International Airport, take the N2 motorway towards Somerset west, then head North (towards Bellville) on the R300. From the Cape Flats, head North on the R300. At the R300/N1 overpass, take the N1 towards Paarl. Aftar approximately 1Km of travel on the N1, take the Okavango Road (M137) offramp and turn right. Follow directions as per From Okavango Road above.