Pre-WinterFest’14 interview with A Price On The King’s Head

Author: Rusty Abrahams
Website of origin: Heavy Metal Panic
Band: A Price on the Kings Head
Band members interviewed: Brendan Glover & Wihan Mouton

This interview was conducted by Rusty Abrahams of Heavy Metal Panic in cooperation with Heavy Metal Panic and metal4africa. Other items from authors of either website will appear on both websites prior to WinterFest’14.


HMP: What news has A Price on the Kings head have for heavy metal South Africa? Anything that those that have been under a rock can look forward to?

APOTKH: We are actually releasing our debut EP at WinterFest’14 this year. After a years worth of recording and constant fine tuning, we’re finally ready. This will be a five-track EP titled REGICIDE, which we believe, encompasses the different influences and sounds within our band.
We’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to launch this EP and once our slot on the WinterFest’14 line-up was confirmed, we knew we had found the perfect platform.

HMP: So with the big event coming up soon; WinterFest’14, how is the preparations back at camp during practice going?

APOTKH: We have been practicing tirelessly, trying to tighten our set. People have come to expect a lot of energy from our live shows, so this is what we’ve been working to perfect.

HMP: Have you noticed an increase in social media traffic or mentioning regarding your band since the public have seen you on the bill for 2014?

APOTKH: We have seen an increase in the amount of traffic on our facebook page. We hope that as the show draws closer and the news of the EP spreads, the support will grow; but what we are aiming for though is to gain new fans, not just social media “followers.”

HMP: After we have been treated to such on stage entertainment from both local and international bands, will you be doing something to set yourselves apart? Push the envelope so that no matter what, people will remember you?

APOTKH: The amount of energy we bring to every show is what sets us apart from any other band in the local scene. We don’t rely on gimmicks or make-up to entertain the crowd, we let the music speak for itself and deal with the consequences when we’re done.

HMP: How are you feeling about the bands that you’re playing with at WinterFest’14?

APOTKH: We’re excited to be able to share this stage for the first time with all of these bands. There’s a variety of genres on one stage and we’re happy to be a part of it.

HMP: Do you have any planned tours or gig line ups? How’s the rest of the year looking?

APOTKH: We’ve got a big show lined up in October, supporting Bombs and Issues on the Cape Town leg of their Devastation Tour. Other than that, we’ll be playing shows to promote our EP but the details for those events will still be announced.

A Price On The King’s Head will be appearing on the WinterFest’14 Stage at 17h00