Pre-WinterFest’14 interview with Animus Fall

Author: Ryno de Lange
Website of origin: Heavy Metal Panic
Band: Animus Fall
Band member: Joel Dickson (Vocals)

This interview was conducted by Ryno de Lange of Heavy Metal Panic in cooperation with Heavy Metal Panic and metal4africa. Other items from authors of either website will appear on both websites prior to WinterFest’14.

Animus Fall - press pic

HMP: Can you tell the M4A (metal4africa) supporters a bit about the band’s music and what they can expect from Animus Fall on the evening of WinterFest’14?

AF: Animus Fall draws influence from many different styles of metal, including death, thrash, speed and metalcore. While difficult to specify into a definite genre, Animus Fall has a definite sound that I feel ties together very well with the lyrical content of the vocals. Kick ass drum work, face-melting guitar solos and soaring vocal melodies are a few things to be expected at an Animus Fall show, so get ready to rock out with your… socks out.

HMP: M4A (metal4africa) is considered by many as the mecca of all things metal in Africa; in your opinion where would SA metal be today without M4A?

AF: Back in 2007 I remember hearing about the success of the first M4A event. Since then M4A has always been a cornerstone for the local and national metal scene, as well as a gateway for international interest to get a taste of what Africa has to offer.

Without M4A I think we would be exactly where we were in 2006 – very little to no platforms for local bands to showcase their amazing talent. This would be a truly sad situation.

HMP: WinterFest and SummerFest shows, for that matter, always hold a lot of opportunities for bands to market their product and gain additional fans; what has Animus Fall planned for WinterFest’14 to gain some attention or fans?

AF: We always strive to give of our best when we perform, because where’s the fun in holding back? That being said, we do have some tricks up our sleeve that we’re planning just for WinterFest’14 that we hope will make our show just that bit more enjoyable.

HMP: Have you played a WinterFest or SummerFest before; if so how was the experience on stage?

AF: Personally, I have never played or even been to a WinterFest or SummerFest (yes I know – oh, the shame!), but a few of our members have been and Andrew (rhythm guitar) has played before as member of Messiah Complex.

The general feeling I have towards WinterFest/SummerFest is one of great anticipation and excitement, and I’m sure even the veterans to the M4A event scene share these feelings to some extent.

HMP: Which other of the WinterFest’14 participating acts performances are you looking forward to?

AF: Personally, I am very excited to watch every act – but specifically: A Price on the King’s Head as they always put on the most manic show and we love jamming with them; Messiah Complex since no other band has a higher mosh factor; Strident because power metal from space; and of course Terminatryx because, second to us, they have the hottest vocalist in Cape Town.

HMP: What message would the band like to give to their fans who may be attending WinterFest’14?

AF: I think I speak for the entire of Animus Fall (and most bands playing WinterFest’14) when I say that we play music for one reason: so others can enjoy it. We make music because we love it and we want to share our creations with whoever can tolerate us.

So if you’re coming out specifically to support us or just happen to be there when we play – if you’re in the pit losing brain cells because who needs them or standing on the sidelines soaking up the melodies – if you love it or even if you hate it, THANK YOU for supporting. Without the support of amazing people like you guys and gals we would not be able to do what we love so very, very much.

HMP: Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

For full line-up and information on WinterFest’14, visit the official facebook event page.

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