Pre-WinterFest’14 interview with Maximum Carnage

Website of origin: metal4africa
Band: Maximum Carnage
Band member: Wouter Botha (Guitar)

This article was written following an interview conducted by of metal4africa in cooperation with Heavy Metal Panic and metal4africa. Other items from authors of either website will appear on both websites prior to WinterFest’14.

Maximum Carnage press pic 2014

Death metal will never look so cheerful as when one witnesses Maximum Carnage hard at work. The aforementioned was probably the most ironic sounding sentence ever published on this website, but remains true nonetheless. Let’s put that into context for you: Maximum Carnage are a groove-laden death metal band from Pretoria, with the namesake derived from a Marvel comic series. When on stage, it is clear to see that they love what they do and, despite very edgy and aggressive sounds, are always full of smiles and are just really a likeable bunch of dudes.

The bands first contact with metal4africa came in July 2013 when they embarked on a national tour in partnership with Anarchy, a progressive metal band who visited all the way from Cairo, Egypt.

“The tour with Anarchy was amazing. They are some of the best musicians I have ever played with. Especially Adham (vocalist), he is on another level…”

Wouter recounts late night socials with Anarchy following gigs on the tour, often reaching till close to sunrise, and specifically enjoyed the days spent at Oude Molen Village with Anarchy in Cape Town.

Since the 2013 tour, Maximum Carnage have settled on a permanent guitarist, Dale McHardy, to fill the position occupied by Pieter Nel who was session guitarist during the tour. Dale plays for another Pretoria band called Killatoria, which Maximum Carnage vocalist Adri also plays for.

“Now we are writing new material for a full length album due next year. We brought out a music video for ‘Anti Hero’ which was nominated for ‘best video’ at the SA metal music awards this year. We also launched our own successful – and hopefully annual – day-fest called Butchering The Mainstream after one of our songs, and it was exactly that… featuring one of the heaviest band lineups ever.”

More recently, the band also took part in the 2014 Wacken Metal Battle and pushed through to the finals where they stood face-to-face with Cape Town’s Strident. Both bands are now scheduled to appear at the rapidly approaching WinterFest’14 event hosted by metal4africa at the Klein Libertas Theatre in Stellenbosch on 02 August. Maximum Carnage have also expressed delight at the thought of appearing at WinterFest’14 alongside other Cape Town metallers such as Ing.

“During the tour with Anarchy, We also got to see Ing play for the first time. We will be fans for life!”

On the subject of the 2014 Wacken Metal Battle, the band also remains upbeat despite having made it as far as the South African finals, but not continuing through to the internationals in Germany.

“Competing was a real honour. It was an all-out kickass experience onstage and off. We got to see some of our peers play the best and tightest gigs of their lives. We met a lot of new fans, friends, and made useful connections. Also the comradeship between the bands was really good to see.”

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