Pre-WinterFest’14 interview with Peasant

Author: Ryno de Lange
Website of origin: Heavy Metal Panic
Band: Peasant
Band member: Pieter Jordaan (Guitar)

This interview was conducted by Ryno de Lange of Heavy Metal Panic in cooperation with Heavy Metal Panic and metal4africa. Other items from authors of either website will appear on both websites prior to WinterFest’14.


HMP: Can you tell the M4A (metal4africa) supporters a bit about the band’s music and what they can expect from Peasant on the evening of WinterFest’14?

P: Strictly speaking, I guess we could be classified as a hardcore band strongly influenced by metal, crust punk and hardcore punk/powerviolence. A lot of our songs are either really short and pissed or full on headbangers. People can expect a short set full of everything we’ve ever written and a cover for good measure. We’re not onstage for long, but we give it all we have every time we do it.

HMP: M4A (metal4africa) is considered by many as the mecca of all things metal in Africa; in your opinion where would SA metal be today without M4A?

P: Who knows! The underground all over SA is at full steam at the moment which is mega inspiring. We’ve followed M4A since the myspace days, so we got mega stoked when we were approached to play.

HMP: WinterFest and SummerFest shows, for that matter, always hold a lot of opportunities for bands to market their product and gain additional fans; what has Peasant planned for WinterFest’14 to gain some attention or fans?

P: I guess the fact that we have a 7” vinyl out might be something in our favour. The record was put out by Roastin’ Records, who have put out releases by bands like Wildernessking and Make-Overs before. It’s something we never thought we’d get to do and are quite proud of. We’ll have it on sale on the day, as well as some t-shirts and other goodies.

HMP: Have you played a WinterFest or SummerFest before; if so how was the experience on stage?

P: Most of us are actually historically not from the Cape, so we have never been before, but we know it to be a real highlight on the underground calendar for the country and Africa as a whole. We are major stoked to be there.

HMP: Which other of the WinterFest’14 participating acts performances are you looking forward to?

P: Our dudes in Maximum Carnage! My (Pieter) brother Adri brings the violence from Pretoria in Maximum Carnage, so we are super stoked to hang out, keep it in the family, get loud, etc.

HMP: What message would the band like to give to their fans who may be attending WinterFest’14?

P: Check us out at our bandcamp page, come early, let’s hang out and get siff.

HMP: Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

For full line-up and information on WinterFest’14, visit the official facebook event page.

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