PSordid: Return to the stage from hiatus

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Johannesburg, South Africa:
For Gauteng Metal band PSordid, 2016 is the year of return after an eight-year hiatus. The quartet have already set out with guns blazing having appeared at two shows this year, the second being at this last weekend’s mammoth Metal Feast in Roodepoort (see article here). The crowning moment for a return as we at M4A see it, however, will be on 12 March supporting longtime friends and fellow metallers SacriFist at that band’s long awaited launch of Tyranny, the fifth studio album from South Africa’s longest surviving metal act (see article here).

However, with the focus of this article being on PSordid, we wanted to learn some more about where the band has been hiding for the last eight years, and why they felt that 2016 was any time to rear their metallic head once again. We already learned about the band setting out to record in April last year (see article here), but now wanted to hear about their return to the live stage.

“I left the band in 2008 during a pretty bad financial time. The band recruited another drummer, but after about six months called it a day.” ~ Dave Dippenaar (drums, PSordid)

Dave explains how, in more recent years, himself and bassist Tim Botes began talking about recording some of the material from their years on stage. With the rhythm section in tact, it was not long after that the other members Bared and Gavin were roped in to fulfill the recording project.

“We owed it to our fans who were quite upset with the split, as well as to our parents who supplied us with rehearsal space and who’s ears we abused while we morphed from crappy beginners to established artists. The music never was about just the four of us, and we felt that is was selfish to not record what we wrote.” ~ Dave Dippenaar

With the mood set for righting the wrongs of the past and finally delivering an album, Dave explains how the band gathered for a jam to get up to speed with the material prior to recording and all members fell in love with the idea again. When asked if the resurrection of PSordid presented a challenge to attract attention from today’s public, Dave had to following to answer:

“Playing live has always been the most fun part of being in a band. Seeing all those happy faces enjoying what we created together with us. Its pure magic! We keep hearing about how the ‘scene’ is dead and so on, but we’re not experiencing that at all. Metalheads are true and resilient. Yeah, the crowd ages in some ways and gets replenished by new faces every year, but the passion is the same.” ~ Dave Dippenaar

On the matter of the performance coming up in two weeks time, with South African legends of extreme music SacriFist, we queried Dave on the significance of this for PSordid, and especially considering the two bands enjoying some history together.

“The reason this one is important is because of the SacriFist/PSordid relationship in the past. We used to be a staple diet to metalheads in the Northern Johannesburg area. If there was a live show, you could almost bet money on it that SacriFist and PSordid were on the bill. It was a great time, we are very proud of our friends in SacriFist for their achievement and we are extremely honoured that they invited us to perform at their album launch after all these years. As cliche as this might seem, metal really is a brotherhood. And among musicians, it’s even more true. The guys in SacriFist are awesome human beings and nothing makes us happier than seeing another quality release from them.” ~ Dave Dippenaar

For more information on this show, taking place on 12 March at Rumours Lounge, visit the official facebook event page. The band’s album, to be titled Bekhor, is still a work in progress and only expected sometime in the second half of 2016.

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