Release the Kitties: Keeping winter from the doorstep of CO-SANC

Deadline 2017 Release The Kitties
Deadline: image courtesy of Chelsea Mulock-Bentley, Draconem Media

Johannesburg, South Africa: During these times of political disillusionment, it’s important to focus on the small acts of kindness and the people who do them. Truthfully, the winter cold is as good an excuse as any to be seeking the good news stories – anything to stave off the cold while we wait for warmer days. Chelsea Mulock-Bentley from Draconem Media happens to have done something pretty great for some kitties, something we at can get behind. We caught up with her to discuss their recent charity event, Release The Kitties, in aid of CO-SANC, a little-known no-kill shelter that works tirelessly to give kitties a homely environment while they wait to be adopted.

On Saturday, 22 July, at Wolmer Bush Lounge in Pretoria, local rock and metal bands came together in support of Chelsea’s endeavour to raise much-needed funds for this Randburg-based shelter. Named Release the Kitties, the event did not attract a very big turnout. But, what mattered more was the willingness of bands to get involved and the awareness that was created around CO-SANC.

“The bands were extremely happy to help the cause – something that really warmed my heart. It was almost like a snowball effect, I would ask one band and they would suggest other bands willing to help. So overall the response was great from the bands and I am very grateful.” ~ Chelsea Mulock-Bentley (event coordinator, Draconem Media)

Bands that played at Release the Kitties included Ion Mesa; Surdus; Psordid; Deadline; Resurrection of Fetal Remains; Empyrean War; The Suck and The Psykotix.

Draconem Media 2017 The Psykotix
The PsyKotix: image courtesy of Chelsea Mulock-Bentley, Draconem Media

What did Metal achieve for Release The Kitties?

Over R4000 was raised for CO-SANC and every cent will help to keep their doors open and the winter from creeping in. Many animal welfare organisations are struggling as government cuts back on their funding and there have been quite a few charity events over the last while.

And why not? As Chelsea says:

“Helping others creates good Karma and I find the metal-community to be some of the first to jump and help others when needed. To have fundraisers with bands is a win-win for everyone. The bands play their music, the fans enjoy attending events and will gladly pay to attend the events, and therefore the charity benefits. Who wouldn’t want to have an amazing time and give back to the community?” ~ Chelsea Mulock-Bentley

Draconem Media 2017 CO-SANC
Dr Shelagh Hahn (left), Owner of CO-SANC and Veterinary doctor at Blue Bush Animal Clinic, receives donation from Chelsea Mulock-Bentley (right) of Draconem Media

Further links between Love and Metal

Chelsea, who’s motto is “Adopt, don’t Shop,” must be full to the brim with good Karma, considering the contribution she is making to the metal community (and the kitties). She is simultaneously assisting CO-SANC as a volunteer, and has been involved in animal welfare for 12 years now, while also supporting the music scene through Draconem Media.

“We have been a part of the metal scene for a few years now. I have been doing band photography for a while and have even started my own band. Alec is also in a few bands. So we know what is good for the scene, and what is bad. We have learned a lot along the way. Our belief is to put the bands first and the rest takes care of itself. Through Draconem Media we hope to create awareness for bands and with our new side project – Draconem Records – we hope to create music too and help bands accomplish their dreams of releasing EPs and albums. Bringing metal to the world!” ~ Chelsea Mulock-Bentley

Draconem Media 2017 Empyrean War
Empyrean War: image courtesy of Chelsea Mulock-Bentley, Draconem Media

Of course we had to ask her about those parts of the metal scene that she appreciates the most – the quality of the music!

“People are serious about making music and making an impression. Some of the best albums I have heard so far have been Spectral Realm, Surdus, Megalodon, Zombies ate my Girlfriend… the list honestly goes on and on – so no offense if I missed anyone – as much as I want to name every band, I don’t think we have enough publishing space! The passion and drive behind these musicians is inspiring and thus leading to more and more bands popping up.” ~ Chelsea Mulock-Bentley

Ragnarök II approaches

All we can say is, “Salutations Chelsea, we appreciate your great work.” If you would like to support more Draconem Media events and the good work that Chelsea is doing, look out for events advertised on their Facebook page. Ragnarok 2, a sequel to last year’s success, will be thundering in at Rumours Rock City in Johannesburg on 14 October and they are possibly looking at hosting an event down in Cape Town sometime soon.

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Draconem Media 2017 Resurrection Of Fetal Remains
Resurrection Of Fetal Remains: image courtesy of Chelsea Mulock-Bentley, Draconem Media