Terminatryx: 15 Year Anniversary concert

Terminatryx 2017 Sonja Medusa

Cape Town, South Africa: Industrial Rock/Metal band Terminatryx will celebrate its 15 Year Anniversary this weekend at ROAR Live. Fellow locals With Dawn, Khemical Krypt, and this year’s SAMMA Best Thrash Metal Band winners DevilSpeak will join the festivities.

What kind of glue keeps a band together for 15 years?

Among the current members, the shortest time spent with the band is already a decade long. We asked the founders if they could tell us why they think that Terminatryx has held together for so long.

“Terminatryx started as an extension of both Paul and my creativity. We always joke and say that if Terminatryx was a child, we would now have a serious teenager on our hands. Both of us were never keen on having children, but our projects (Terminatryx, SA Horrorfest and Makabra Ensemble) have always been the substitutes. We have grown and nurtured them and they have remained our focus. This might be part of their longevity and our commitment to them.” Sonja Ruppersberg-Blom (vocals/co-writer, Terminatryx)

“Too many people are brainwashed to equate success with financial gains. I don’t play music to get rich, but rather as an artistic expression, social commentary and expansion of my life journey; maintaining a sense of equilibrium and sanity in a world where we have to jump though many hoops in order not to starve to death, while retaining our souls.” Paul Blom (instrumentation/programming/backing vocals/live bass guitar, Terminatryx)

Could a marriage have assisted in the long life of Terminatryx?

With Paul and Sonja having been married since before the creation of Terminatryx, once cannot underestimated what an important dynamic this has introduced; as already touched on. The espoused offer further comment on this:

“Being married definitely has an effect. It creates a strong foundation and a strong creative collaboration between us. We have always aimed to maintain a presence and have always relied on Terminatryx as an creative outlet. While we don’t always agree on everything we have always been able to agree to disagree and where necessary found a mid-way that suits us both. This has always been good for the band and our relationship. I can definitely say that Terminatryx has strengthened our relationship. It makes a huge difference when you can travel and hangout on stage with your better halve, it is twice the fun. This might not be true for everyone, but it has been true for us.” Sonja Ruppersberg-Blom

“After so many years it has become very simple. Playing music is a part of my life whether I like it or not. And to be able to create something with my amazing wife and partner, and our friends, is absolutely brilliant.” Paul Blom

15 Year Anniversary show on 26 August 2017

Terminatryx has enjoyed many highlights in its 15 years thus far, including to support a number of international touring bands to South Africa. Perhaps the most monumental of these was supporting USA’s Ministry in 2015.

The 15 Year Anniversary show will be a more intimate affair and takes place on Saturday night, 26 August at ROAR Live in Observatory. For full details and updates, join the official facebook event page.

The video below is an interview by Tamlin Duckworth at Unite The Crowd, and also visits the topic of the band’s 15 years.

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The amazing Terminatryx played an awesome set at M4A WinterFest'17. A big thank you to Patrick Davidson and everyone involved in METAL4AFRICA.COM. See what they had to say approaching their 15 year milestone!

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