Terminatryx: end off 16th anniversary tour at ALTERnative festival

ALTERnatives 2018

Cape Town, South Africa: Industrial Metal act, Terminatryx, wraps up its 16th Anniversary Duality tour in Cape Town this weekend. Now performing as a 3-piece since 2018, Terminatryx continues to evolve through the trials of time and comes out strong once again. The band returned from two shows in Gauteng earlier in August and closes the celebration with another two performances in Cape Town on Saturday and Sunday. Incidentally, the weekend coincides with Gauteng’s Polar Dust post-rock quartet, also on tour, for Saturday and Sunday.

ALTERnatives: a celebration of intriguing music

ALTERnatives is a brand new music festival concept, brought together by Dionysius Events in association with Flamedrop Productions (currently producing a series of documentary films about legacy South African alternative bands) of all things rock and fringe; which includes some bands we’ve been following with interest as metal lovers, although not strictly metal. On this list is included: Terminatryx; Ohgod; Polar Dust, and; Isobel. Also, the legendary, Lithium which rocked South Africa hardest during the grungy 90s, has returned in 2018 for a few select shows; ALTERnatives being one of those rare appearances. Other artists on the line-up includes Mark Haze, The Sweet Resistance, The Medicine Dolls, Grimehouse, The Shhart Ensemble and a debut performance by Thylasine. Genres represented are incredibly diverse, ranging from the gritty underground to eerie folk and listener-friendly radio rock.

ALTERnatives – The Festival takes place on Sunday 26 August at the popular Hillcrest Quarry venue near Durbanville, just outside of Cape Town. It’ll be an all-day event, and family-friendly (all ages welcome) with food stalls and other merchandisers. Although boasting a spectacular scenery, the focal area of the festival will be weather-proof with an undercover stage and entertainment area in case of the often volatile Cape Town winters. For full details, join the official facebook event page.

Saturday 25 August at Trenchtown:

For those who absolutely cannot make it on Sunday, Terminatryx and Polar Dust have teamed up for a night out at Trenchtown in Observatory, along with the hard-hitting Holo. For full event details, join the official facebook event page.

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