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The Alpha Sequence by Keets Design

Cape Town, South Africa: Thundering onto the live scene in 2015, The Alpha Sequence are taking no prisoners with their metal onslaught. We spoke to guitarist Sherlic White only last month when the band unleashed their first single ‘Photon Phantom’, and with them appearing at tomorrow’s line-up for the much anticipated We Came To Build 2016 all-ages concert, we wanted to hear how things have been going:

“‘Photon Phantom’ has received a large amount of feedback within the last month of its release. We have also received lots of online exposure by networking with local and international promo pages. Geraasplaas and the Build Your Scene crews have really helped us to establish ourselves within the local scene so we would like to take this time to send thanks to all our supporters!” ~ Duan De Jager (vocals, The Alpha Sequence)

With one taste of what The Alpha Sequence are about already on the palate, Duan tells us that work on an EP is underway, being recorded and produced by the band themselves. It is not due for some months yet, so we turn our attention to what is going to make tomorrow night’s concert so special for themselves and the fans:

“Just having fun man. We aren’t serious guys so we like to show that side on stage and the crowd seems to enjoy it. We love the fact that we have so much support from everyone in the scene and we feed from that energy. The scene and all the bands in it have been very welcoming, which is so rad. We Came To Build is a gig that the whole band has been very excited for, as we’re playing with some big bands! We believe that the only way to grow the scene is to involve as many people as possible. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you listen to. This is important because we expose the youth to some really talented bands and that will surely inspired them or get the involved in the scene in the future and we appreciate the fact that we can be apart of such an amazing line up” ~ Duan De Jager

Apart from the upcoming EP, The Alpha Sequence are also excited to share their brand new t-shirts which will be on sale this weekend, and are still celebrating a recent sponsorship from Hell Hound Tattoos in Table View. Things are looking promising for this fresh metal act. Find out more about Friday night’s show with it’s power line-up by joining the official facebook event page and following the promoter at Build Your Scene.

Image: Band photo by Keets Design & Photography

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