The Black Dahlia Murder: Bandchat with Nate

Ramfest 2020 is a little over a month away. The alternative music festival has been on the steady incline since its reincarnation last year when metalcore heavies Attila made their impact in South Africa. This year, how do you up the ante? Add melodic death metal royalty, The Black Dahlia Murder to your lineup and you have a recipe for musical chaos.

We got an opportunity to have a skype session with Trevor Strnad (Vocalist, Founder, The Black Dahlia Murder) to chat a bit about the band’s history, Trevor’s feature with local slammers Vulvodynia, amongst other topics.

Tickets on sale now over at Howler!
Ramfest 2020 CT – March 13th (Featuring M4A)
Ramfest 2020 PTA – March 14th (Featuring Toytoy Stage)

Check out the announcement article we did here.

Bandchat Debut with The Black Dahlia Murder

If you guys enjoy this series, we’ll be inclined to do more as a way to push more engaging content. It’s been an interesting development but one that we are most pleased with.
A big thank you goes to Warren Gibson of Plugged Music Agency for making this development a possibility. Without further ado, take a deep seat and enjoy this first edition of M4A “Bandchat” with Nate and Trevor Strnad.

The Black Dahlia Murder