Thread Of Omen: join Wrath Inc for Rockstadt

Thread Of Omen 2016 live at M4A SummerFest'17
Thread Of Omen live at M4A WinterFest’16: courtesy of Christopher Tatzreither

Brașov, Romania: Romania’s premier open air weekend metal festival will be welcoming another band from South Africa in 2017 following the success of an appearance by Mind Assault at Rockstadt Extreme Fest in August of 2016. This time, the festival will host melodic tech-death metal band Thread Of Omen to the stage for their first foray into the international arena, courtesy of the link-up established by the border bridging promoter Wrath Inc.

Wrath Inc is definitely playing a large and helpful role in bridging SA to Europe. This is something we would have struggled to accomplish alone and so we are grateful for the opportunity.” ~ Matthew Cox (bass guitar, Thread Of Omen)

Of course, the prospect of international gig travel means so much more than just getting to play in front of new people; a matter of importance close the hearts of band members which makes the trip to Rockstadt Extreme Fest that much more special.

“We feel the initiative that Wrath Inc is taking to expose exotic bands is a brilliant approach to building a strong relationship between people from different sides of the world who enjoy a common taste in music. Its great experience for talented musicians whom have not yet been to places outside their countries. Its also a great learning experience and exchange of creative ideas which can further our understanding of the evolution of metal. ~ Victor van den Heever (vocals, Thread Of Omen)

Thread Of Omen 2017 European Tour

When asked about the prospect of playing the festival – where such international champions of the genre such as Opeth, Napalm Death, Alestorm, Wolfheart, Korpiklaani, August Burns Red and Nile already represent a magnificently powerful and dynamic line-up – the band express an overwhelmingly gratuitous attitude toward the opportunity to appear among so many of their heroes whilst also representing the home colours.

Rockstadt Extreme Fest has a worldwide reputation. We really hope this exposure will be good for us, but most importantly that we can entertain and be good ambassadors for South Africa in Romania. Romania is a beautiful country and going there, not to mention playing with so many bands we have enormous respect for, will be really meaningful to all of us.” ~ Stian Etsebeth (guitar, Thread Of Omen)

On home turf, Thread Of Omen have displayed a certain measure of tenacity in their fairly rapid rise to prominence on the local circuit. Appearing suddenly and quite dramatically in late 2013, the band quickly attracted attention of promoters and landing them an opening slot at our own M4A SummerFest’14 in January 2014. Within another year, the band were ready to release their first full length album with Palace Of The Fathers and took a support slot for Belgium’s Aborted on tour in Cape Town in August 2015. Whilst the band have toned down live activity in 2016, they have appeared at yet another M4A – this time at WinterFest’16 – and attributed the reduced circuit appearances to working on another full length album scheduled to arrive early in 2017 before picking up the momentum again; building up to climax with the trip to Rockstadt Extreme Fest.

“Yes, we’ve been working on our second album for a while now. It’s a bit more progressive, a bit groovier, but a natural progression from the first album.” ~ Stian Etsebeth

“Stylistically, the new material is more progressive, groovy and adopts more of a technical death metal feel than our original neo-classically influenced melodic death metal style.” ~ Matthew Cox

A release date and title for the new album have yet to be revealed by Thread Of Omen, but they tell us that tracking is completed and they are very satisfied with the state of production thus far. We will keep our finger close to the pulse for new information on this as it becomes available.

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