Top 5 Tuesday – Thomas Theron

Top Five Tuesday is where we ask a local musician to talk us through the five tracks that have been blowing their mind lately. Despite a crazy day in the office and Lord Doom completely forgetting to tend to this particular beast, Thomas Theron, the vocalist of progressive djent-heads Megalodon has rescued things with a timely email. Without further ado, here are his Top 5 while Lord Doom is sent to the shame corner!

Fans of Vildhjarta will probably judge me for choosing this song, because of the clean vocals. Personally, I feel this song shows another side of the band. It starts of heavy and strong and then glides into a more melodic and poetic feeling. If you want something different and completely out of this world, give Vildhjarta‘s Masstaden album a listen. THALL.

I just love this song. Old school stoner rock with a twist. Huge chorus with some layed back verse riffs. This songs makes me want to jump on a robot horse and ride into the dessert with a lightsaber. Side note: The video isn’t that good, but the song is awesome.

Off their new album, Koloss, “Demiurge” is definitely my favourite on the album. It sounds like a very slow, but big unimaginable monster slamming the ground with every footstep it takes. Simplistic, yet groovy and effective. Tomas Haake is the only drummer that can be heavier by playing slower.

Even though The Industrialist didn’t meet my expections as a Fear Factory fan, “Disassemble” needs recognition. Nice and heavy, offbeat, lekker riffs and just plain Fear Factory in your face.

More on the djent side of life, but not completely. Unfortunately, the vocalist shown in the video, Dan Tompkins, left the band. Which sucks, because his vocals are huge and compliments the ambience of this band. TesseracT is clarity and not afraid to get heavy as well.

Do you have a Top Five for next Tuesday? What is rocking your world this week? Send it through to [email protected] and we’ll do our best to feature it!