Wacken Metal Battle South Africa: finalists

Wacken Metal Battle SA 2016 final date

Johannesburg, South Africa: with all of the regional heats now concluded, Wacken Metal Battle South Africa approaches it’s final hurdle in Johannesburg on 28 May where one band will be chosen to represent this nation abroad. With 28 nations participating in this year’s installation of the international competition, the odds are not getting easier.

Already declared to represent their nation are LYNCHPin from Trinidad in the Caribbean, Crows Crown from Central America (includes nations from Guatemala in the North to Panama in the South), back from apparent hiatus, one of China’s oldest Black Metal bands Ritual Day, Svartmalm from the Faeroe Islands, Tidal Dreams from Greece, Auðn from Iceland, Miles to Perdition from Luxembourg and Tulkas from Mexico. Below are as many links to music as could be found from these international contenders. To keep things interesting, we’ve arranged these in order of who we think (based on the limited impression available) might represent the stiffer competition for whoever our local champion might be:

On the South African front, one representative will be selected from among the regional finalists which include: Desolation and Vulvodynia from KZN; Bulletscript, Fuera and Zombies Ate My Girlfriend from the WC, and; Killatoria, Octainium and Riddlebreak from Gauteng. Below are links to music from each local contender. To keep in neutral, we’ve listed them in order of A-Z:

Taking place at Rumours Lounge near Johannesburg on Saturday 28 May, we look forward to seeing who will champion us for the glory of Metal and Wacken Open Air for the third time since South Africa was included. Will this year’s finalist do better than Infanteria or Red Helen who went through in 2013 and 2014 respectively? With new contest structures now recognizing the Top Five rather than a single winner help our cause? Good luck to everybody involved. Follow the official facebook event page for regular updates in the lead-up to this monumental event.

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