Witchfest 2017: JHB fan vlog found and shared

Wrust live at Witchfest 2017 JHB: image courtesy of Christelle Duvenage
Botswana’s Wrust live at Witchfest 2017 JHB: image courtesy of Christelle Duvenage

Johannesburg, South Africa: local metal enthusiast Orry Messer attended his third Witchfest festival on the weekend, the previous two being in 2015 at the same venue, and before that in 2008 at a farm deep in the KwaZulu-Natal countryside. We saw his fan vlog and probed him further about his experience of the JHB leg of the dual-city festival delivered by Witchdoctor Productions.

“I arrived quite early to my third Witchfest. I was hoping to watch Botswana’s Wrust who had an early slot. Unfortunately the band was held up at the border and couldn’t make it on time, though, they did manage to squeeze in two songs later.” ~ Orry Messer

Vulvodynia at Witchfest 2017 image courtesy of Christelle Duvenage
Vulvodynia live at Witchfest 2017 JHB: image courtesy of Christelle Duvenage

Other bands which Orry managed to catch live included Bleeding Spawn from Middelburg, recent Cape Town migrants Vulvodynia, One For Sorrow from the UK, Cape Town’s export Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, Germany’s Mantar, and of course the key headliners from USA, DevilDriver.

“By the time I left, I’d been at Bassline for twelve hours. My neck had already begun to throb and my head desperately needed a pillow.” ~ Orry Messer

Zombies Ate My Girlfriend 2017 Witchfest JHB: image courtesy of Christelle Duvenage
Zombies Ate My Girlfriend live at Witchfest 2017 JHB: image courtesy of Christelle Duvenage

For those who missed out, Orry’s vlog captures some of the magic in summary, including a good chuckle with his pal Greg who tagged along to experience his first ever metal concert. Of course, Orry also appears to have missed out on a little with not having seen among the mostly local to Gauteng bands such as SacriFist, Boargazm, Insidious Reign and Demogoroth Satanum which also all appeared at the festival; and perhaps more specifically the out-of-towners Theatre Runs Red from Durban. Nonetheless, his time was equally well-spent socializing with fellow metallers and forging new friendships, since this is also what festival events are for.

“It was refreshing to be part of a crowd that was gathered together for the simple love of ridiculously heavy music. With its every growl, down-tuned guitar and double-bass barrage, the Joburg metal scene raised up its horns to its surroundings and proudly banged its collective head against the stage. And I loved every minute of it!” ~ Orry Messer

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