Zombies Ate My Girlfriend: new plans afoot

Zombies Ate My Girlfriend 2015

Cape Town, South Africa: Local metal band and SAMMA 2015 award winners Zombies Ate My Girlfriend have begun the wind-down from the 2015 release of their debut full length album Retrocide. We caught up with them in advance of this weekend’s 18 Till I Die all-ages show in Cape Town where the Zombies will be headlining – and the band’s first show playing to an all-age audience – to talk about the general state of things for the band, but starting off of course with the question of the weekend’s show:

“An all-age show is something we’ve not gotten around to as of yet but are very keen for. I think it’s very important to have these all ages events doing the rounds. The Dual Records guys definitely led the charge in this regard during the mid-to-late 2000’s, and you can see the effects of it as many of those then kids are now patrons of the metal altar. Only good things can come from having event promoters now pushing all ages shows.” ~ Adriano Rodrigues (guitar, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend)

But who are Zombies Ate My Girlfriend? The Cape Town local band enjoyed an active 2015, representing a strong force in metal with winning an award in the SAMMA 2015, plus co-headlining M4A‘s SummerFest’15, launching their Retrocide album, joining the Krank’d Up festival in Gauteng which featured UK band Monuments and USA’s 36 Crazyfists, as well as supporting USA’s Darkest Hour in Cape Town. With all of that, we wondered if the band had found time to begin work on a follow-up album yet:

“Things are definitely moving. We’ve probably got about six or seven song ideas with a definite two songs out of that first lot. There’s always the potential for major hiccups. But so far if there’s going to be a delay it looks like it will be restricted within 2017. We really just want to keep pushing on the recording front, we don’t want years to pass without the next release. It has to be a continuous thing, each album better than the previous. Eventually we can look back at a catalogue that will define a large chunk of our lives and hopefully feel a sense of satisfaction.” ~ Adriano Rodrigues

Retrocide seemed to have a very consistent approach throughout, stylistically in music and lyrics. Yet the album was written with three fifths of the current line-up, Chris on guitar and Marc on bass only having joined Zombies Ate My Girlfriend since recording was already underway. We wanted to know if things are likely to be quite different now.

“I don’t think ‘Zom’ is ever going to slip in to cruise mode and repeat albums. We’re definitely adding new elements to the sound. It will always be hard hitting and have that notorious ‘Zom’ feel. But with new members now in the band there are definitely going to be things like shared solo responsibilities between myself and Chris, as well as incorporating clean vocals. So far, according to the demos, we’re going to be upping our stamina levels to pull off the new stuff. No one is getting off lightly.” ~ Adriano Rodrigues

Adriano also elaborated on some of the technical aspects, such as some analog toys they’ll be playing with at a later stage in the recording process. The new offering will be sticking with the band’s current label and studio, Burning Tone Records, which has become stronger since incorporating another talented production man with Heinrich Kollner (previously operating as Dark Matter Studios) into the Burning Tone ranks to side with Louis Henn (sound engineer/producer, and also former Zombies Ate My Girlfriend guitarist). When we asked if it was likely that any of the new material might be included into current lives sets, Adriano admitted:

“Not at the moment. I don’t think new songs will be included for a while. Basically we’ve been writing for a few weeks now and tracking demos to flesh songs out of ideas.” ~ Adriano Rodrigues

Adriano Rodrigues, Zombies Ate My GirlfriendChris Hall, Zombies Ate My GirlfriendMarc Olwage, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend

Notwithstanding, the band are still confident in their Retrocide set to entertain the masses and are not only using the material to grind bones at this weekend’s 18 Till I Die show, but are also taking the bull by the horns and engaging in this years Wacken Metal Battle: South Africa.

“It’s our second time entering. We made it to the SA final of the first battle in 2013, which prevented us from entering the following year. The opportunity arose again and we decided to give it another bash. Basically, the chance to potentially play Wacken Open Air is one we can’t really imagine passing up. We had loads of fun the first time we participated; the series of events surrounding the entire thing is always something we enjoy. I mean, like any event we get involved in the goal is first and foremost to put on a sick show and have an awesome time. But make no mistake, we’re going to try our best to win this thing.” ~ Adriano Rodrigues

Zombies Ate My Girfriend will be appearing at The Rabbit Hole event of the three-part Cape Town heats, with the date being 29 April 2016.

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