Flashback Friday: Pothole – Hung To Dry

This week, guest writer Malcolm McArb pays tribute to Pothole and their kicker of a track, “Hung To Dry”. To read more of his rants and raves, drop by his blog: updated daily… sort of.

Pothole, along with such luminaries as VOD, Groinchurn and Sacryphyx, must be considered one of the most prolific and influential metal bands of the 90s in South Africa. Founded and led by Adam Van Der Riet, they forged a path of carnage wherever they played, and play they did! Their singularly intense delivery, and a canny direct song writing style that set them well and truly apart, rightfully gained them one of the most rabid and loyal followings our beloved country has ever seen. Even today, they are fondly remembered and fervently revered as pioneers and true ambassadors of extreme music in South Africa. The track we have for you on this Flashback Friday, “Hung To Dry” was an instant moshpit classic and was the first single from their debut full length album Force Fed Hatred, a tour de force of an album which earned them a heady 4Ks out of 5 rating in a Kerrang Magazine review.

Along with frontman Adam, the incredible talents of Noel McShane on lead guitar, Davey Mybergh (R.I.P) and Martin Robbins on bass formed the initial line up with Karl Mulder making a brief appearance as a third guitarist. Jacques Hugo entered the fray on bass guitar for Showdown (their second album released on Way Cool Records) and this formidable four piece continued blasting their barrage of no-nonsense, no-bullshit, no-prisoners metal to what had by then grown into a veritable legion of hard-core headbanging fans.

As with all good things, however, they too finally came to an end; having conquered the hearts and minds of even the most dauntingly discerning of metal heads.

Pothole was one of our greats. May their music live on as a reminder of that greatness, and as one of Cape Town and South Africa’s best loved bands – a brotherhood of belligerently brilliant bastards.

Stinkrock forever!