World Metal Congress: South Africa represented in London

London, United Kingdom: South Africa’s Wacken Metal Battle 2016 winner, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, finds itself in the news again. This time, the band will play its first show in the UK as special guests at the first ever World Metal Congress.

World Metal Congress

The World Metal Congress is an initiative masterminded by a number of devoted Metal professionals and funded by the Arts Council England. This year marks the inaugural international event.

“The World Metal Congress aims to showcase the diverse nature of the international heavy metal music community through a mixture of live music, academia, debate and multimedia events that celebrate its universal community values and global appeal. From Botswana to Afghanistan and beyond, heavy metal can now be found in every time zone and encompasses a broad spectrum of ethnicities, religions, age, gender, and nationalities but what ties it all together is a love of music and we want to celebrate that.” ~ Mission Statement

The team consists of Alexander Milas of Twin V, Joshua Retallick of Old Empire, Dr. Lina Khatib of Chatham House and Dr. Niall William Richard Scott from the University of Central Lancashire. More information about these individuals and their places of work can be found at the official website.

What will characterize this event weekend?

Spanning the weekend of 22-23 March, day one is an industry-facing conference featuring key decision-makers from labels, festivals, media, and the artists themselves. Day two gathers metal fans for public discussions with key artists, journalists and more, documentary screenings, and live music showcasing metal’s global diversity. Artists announced so far include South Africa’s Zombies Ate My Girlfriend and Singapore’s Wormrot.

Zombies Ate My Girlfriend at SummerFest’19

However, before embarking on this adventure abroad, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend has some unfinished business on the home front following the launch of its second album, Shun The Reptile, late last year. The band appears this weekend at M4A‘s SummerFest’19 alongside another ZA band making waves abroad – Vulvodynia – among other established and upcoming local stars.

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