All About Taboo – Bloodbeast


In March this year, death metal fans in South Africa were treated with the second Detonation Tour hosted by Valgar Entertainment, featuring the Italian band Fleshgod Apocalypse alongside a slew of local extreme acts. At M4A, and at our WinterFest’12 event, we aim to keep the 2012 death metal momentum rolling by treating Cape Town metallers to a phenomenom from the northern city of Pretoria; the mighty Bloodbeast!

There are no illusions from the band as to their strong foundation and rapid rise amongst the ranks in the local death metal scene, having only formed a year ago and already performed at a number of high profile shows including being one of the support acts at the Fleshgod Apocalypse show.
Bloodbeast features members who have played for other well respected death metal bands. “Both Bile of Man and Architecture of Aggression have big underground followings,” said Van, guitarist and vocalist for the band, and of AoA. “Fans of both bands showed an immediate interest in Bloodbeast.”

Apart from Bile Of Man‘s former bassist, Choroz, remaining members were from other bands less-known in the national scene (but no less potent) called Fuck The Corpses and Demented Martyr. What is perhaps most impressive about the current band is that they have already released a debut album, Bloodlust, recorded at Wolmer Studios in Pretoria North, within only months of forming the band! Furthermore, the band has shipped hardcopies to fans in Germany, the UK, Indonesia, Mexico, the USA and Canada. “We’re almost out of our print run,” Van told us, but don’t panic! For the die-hard collectors, Van has assured us that there will still be some discs available at WinterFest’12. For the rest of you, the members of Bloodbeast have been incredibly gentlemanly and in celebration of their first year anniversary are not only coming to perform at WinterFest’12, but are also offering their album for free download!

We delved a little deeper into the bands background. Some of the original names up for consideration included Cuntgrinder, which was found to be already in use by a German band, and Bloedpoes which was abandoned for obvious reasons, not least of which were “our drummers grandmother!” The final name was a suggestion by Werner (drummer and empathising grandson,) and Van, already proven to be skilled in such with Architecture Of Aggression, hashed out much of the concept behind Bloodbeast. Some people might not recognise the humour in this, but for anybody who has been around metal for a big part of their lives, they will know that much about the genre is all about taboo and not just small dosages of tongue-in-cheeck. Bloodbeast describe their sound as a death-thrash-grindcore hybrid, seeking to embellish in some apparently forgotten old-school elements, including “your standard gobs of uberviolenced gore in lyrical context.”

The band is currently gearing up for a follow-up to Bloodlust, which will hopefully see them hitting the studio in early 2013. In the meantime, warm up your earlobes with the celebratory free download of Bloodlust and experience the band live at WinterFest’12 on 28 July in Stellenbosch. They’re on at 20:00, and M4A shows are notoriously punctual, so don’t get there at 21h00 with the usual “But metal shows always run late, so we thought…”