Beeldenstorm – Dabbling in Dark Science

beeldenstorm-promoIf you’ve been even remotely connected to the Metal Scene in Cape town over the last year or so, chances are, you’ve come across the name Beeldenstorm. This quintet has been destroying stages with their decidedly old-school, back-to-basics brand of metal. A welcome attitude in a world where everyone is trying to out-breakdown and out-autotune each other. It’s just good old fashioned “lekker” Metal.

They haven’t been slouching either. With an EP on the way, titled Die Donker Wetenskap, I had a pow-wow with axeman Waldi van Hunks about what’s going on in the Beeldenstorm camp. According to Waldi, the band’s attitude has been that “it’s about damn time” they released some tracks. Of course, this being South Africa and metalheads being poor by nature, it’s taken quite some time to knock it together and trying to cope with everyone’s schedules to record is something many other bands can relate with – We’re looking at you Suiderbees, Zombies and Strident!

“Dit klink lank maar ons moes verskeie kere dinge oor track in verskillende omgewings saam n verskeidenheid van engineers. Dit het ons n tydjie gevat om n recording engineer te vind met wie ons gemaklik voel. Jethro Harris was toe die ou met wie ons gestick het.”
“It sounds like a long time, but we had to re-record and retrack in different Environments and with different engineers, until we found the one we were most comfortable with; Jethro Harris”

Surprisingly enough, Beeldenstorm is Jethro Harris’ first foray into the Metal World, having previously worked with punk and ska bands.

“Ons is ewig dankbaar (aan Jethro) vir al sy geduld en die kak waarmee hy moes opgeskeep sit. Hy het ons n huge guns gedoen en hiermee wil ons ook publicly vir hom dankie se.”
“We are eternally grateful (to Jethro) for all his patience and dealing with all the shit he had to suffer from us. He did us a huge favour, so this is us publicly thanking him”

The mixing of the EP will be handled by none other than local 8-string slinger Ruan Jordaan (Megalodon). The album art itself, though not yet completed, is being forged by tattoo artist Sean Abell of Jimmy Jazz Tattoos.

Beeldenstorm are aiming for a fall release, and are also working on the mandatory tee’s and merch to accompany the release. We here at Metal4Africa are honoured to premiere the first demo off the EP “Blou Moord” as part of our Summerfest 2014 Sampler! If you’ve not witnessed them live, you’ll at least get a taste of what to expect when they hit the stage at Summerfest!

Waldi shared his thoughts on “Blou Moord”:

Hierdie track is wel n goeie voorbeeld van wat die EP alles behels. Paranoia, vrees en social commentary. Snaaks genoeg het ons nou eers klaar gekry gedurende n tyd van drukkende politiese kak en elende en hierdie is juis waarmee hierdie snitte handel, “Die Donker Wetenskap”. Ons word nou meer as ooit onderdruk deur media en politieke handellinge. Ek en meeste van die bende is groot aanhangers van conspiracy theories en eintlik enige vreemde stories of alternatiewe dinkwyses en ek glo dit straal ballas deur ons lirieke. Kom ons se maar so dat die lerieke wentel om die voodoo agter die voodoo en dit ook is self weer gemeng met persoonlike stryd teen hierdie dinge asook voodoos van ons eie. Dis Beeldenstorm se ‘oorkanaal-muti’.

This track is a perfect example of the ideas we are forging into the EP, paranoia, fear with strong social commentary. Funnily enough, we only just finished it during a time of political upheaval and strife, which is what [“Blou Moord”] is about. The Dark Science deals with the oppression dealt out by the media and our government. Myself, and some of my bandmates are avid followers of conspiracy theories and in fact any strange tales of alternative thinking. These perceptions flow through the balls of our lyrics. One could also say our lyrics meander around the voodoo bahind the voodoo, mixed with our own personal struggles and voodoo. It’s Beeldenstorm‘s Ear Canal Muti

Summerfest 2014 will also be Beeldenstorm‘s first show with their new skin-beater Alex Toua (ex-Revenge by Dawn) who joined the band in November last year.

Stream “Blou Moord” below: