Boargazm national tour drops in at Arts Expo

Boargazm - Photo Copyright: Henk Steyn Photography
Photo Copyright: Henk Steyn Photography

In the build-up to Emalyth‘s next installation of their annual Arts Expo, with this one sub-titled Infiniti, UnScene‘s Zain Domo took an interest in pursuing some of the band’s for a little chit-chat and sought out a home for it here at M4A. This is one of a series of interviews we were only too happy to indulge. Conversation between Zain Domo, and Gauteng’s slickest pigs Boargazm. Also, see our previous article on their tour with NervoChaos here.

Going against the grain, or decapitating livestock on video for that matter, isn’t always something you’d advise a South African metal band attempt. But hey, when you’re a bunch of pigs from the future, anything goes right? This Nu-meets-Groove metal band are a regular notch on the Gauteng circuit, blending an array of crunchy melodic grooves with an engrossing visual performance reminiscent of the old Slipknot or your average Sunday spit braai… you decide.

But one thing you can’t deny is that Boargazm are easily one of the busiest metal bands in South Africa. In addition to sharing stages with some of the country’s biggest names as well as embarking on regular nationwide tours – not to mention their trips to Ecuador, Kenya and most recently Russia alongside Enthroned – they somehow still managed to find the time to release two albums since their formation.

With so many miles under their hooves and an ever-swelling pedigree behind their name, we finally managed to lure the “varkies” with “plakkies” into answering a few questions before their Wolmer Bush Lounge butchery at the Emalyth Arts Expo on January 29th 2016; which marks a kick-off to their next nation-wide tour.

Zain: You guys have had a really busy few years and are flying the South African flag high across the globe in some of the most unexpected ways, but what experience so far, as a band, stands out the most?

Jason Hinch (Drums): I think just the fact that we’ve all been playing together for ten years stands out the most to me. We’re just a bunch of friends that like to play metal and that to me is what makes all the difference.

Chris van der Walt (Lead Guitar): Just hanging out and jamming. Anything we do ends up being fun, so there’s never a dull moment. The tours are great, studio and writing, playing in other countries, and big stages.

Zain: In SA, You guys have a very “unique” look. But for anyone who doesn’t know, briefly describe the inspiration behind the piggy concept.

Chris: We’re space metal pigs traveling back through time to warn people about the Zorg-people’s Aporkalypse, led by General Barbatus. We play metal, and through our music we preach the prophecies passed on by the Oracle.

Jason: We’re here to save mankind, man! Oink!

Zain: The Aporkalypse and The Baconing were both well-received albums and your fans are no doubt patiently waiting on the next installment of this uniquely un-halal sci-fi concept series. What can fans expect from “the pig whisperers” this year?

Jason: New album, more touring, just MOAR! Also we’ve a new look and feel to our live shows for 2016 and look out for new tunes we’ll be testing out in the set!

Chris: We’ll be bringing out a new album. Pigs adapt well, so we’re going groovier, more melodic and a bit more technical. A three-part graphic novel series is on the way. Lots of tours, and we want to add more production to the live shows. B-Grade Maiden pappa!

Zain: Boargazm are certainly no strangers to the Emalyth Arts Expo, having appeared in almost all so far, it’s safe to say the festival has a special place in your hearts. Why is it such a special event for you and how does that resonate with other regulars, both on the lineup and in the crowd?

Jason: Sash is the bomb. She’s our main home-girl and she also runs the fest. It’s something she puts together I think out of her pure love for the “scene” and I think that’s what makes it such a special fest for everyone involved.

Chris: The Arts Expo is a great platform for various mediums of art. I have seen so many amazing pieces by different visual artists, and witnessed some incredible musicians. There’s always something happening, and the vibe is fantastic.

Zain: Do you have anything special planned for fans this time around?

Chris: We’ll be bringing our friends from Brazil, NervoChaos. We’ll also be doing a good ol’ metal set. Don’t wanna let the pig outta the bag too much…

Jason: Look out for an updated look and feel to our live shows as well as new music! Yeehaa!

Zain: Straight after the expo, Boargazm are scheduled to take on another massive South African tour alongside NervoChaos from Brazil. How excited are you about that, and do you ever sleep?

Jason: Man, oh man! This is another big one. We toured Russia with NervoChaos, so just having them on our turf for a change is gonna be something really epic. We are gonna break those Brazilian bastards! hahaha.. All jokes aside, we just can’t wait to be on the road again cos it’s what we do best, and no. We don’t sleep

Chris: I sleep with my eyes open, so I kinda just switch of my brain for a while. Touring is my favourite thing in the world. I’m very excited for all the gigs, and touring with NervoChaos will be great, we had a good time with them in Russia. Really amped at the new adventures it will bring.

Zain: Any last words for your fans, both local and other parts of SA?


Chris: Don’t take life too seriously. Hail Bacon!

And just like that Sunday morning hangover, the bacon has spoken. For most of the folks attending the eighth Emalyth Arts Expo: Infiniti at the end of this month, you will know exactly what to expect from this four-piece, for anyone else, prepare for an enthralling spectacle of meaty debauchery wrapped in a greasy vegans worst nightmare.

Pass the potato salad please.

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