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Cape Town, South Africa: tomorrow is the first performance by Swiss metallers Dreamshade on their return visit to South Africa after an initial tour five years ago.

Incidentally, we found another opportunity to chat with guitarist and backing vocalist, Fernando Di Cicco (aka: “Fella”), since our last exchange in 2014. It feels good to welcome somebody back and to hear what they’ve been up to after all this time.

“Since our last visit we released another album called ‘Vibrant’, and which features three of our greatest hits; ‘Dreamers Don’t Sleep’, ‘Up All Night’ and ‘Where My Heart Belongs’. After that album the band released a single called ‘On My Own’ in the summer of 2018 and another one called ‘Question Everything’ two weeks ago. We really can’t wait to play all these new songs for you guys in South Africa!” ~ Fella (guitars/vocals, Dreamshade

In terms of the band’s sound and style, it’s a bit of a mixed bag which should have a variety of listeners’ ears perked. Having roots deep in the melodic death metal sound, Dreamshade does not like to paint itself into a corner. Recent material introduces a lot of variety from the members’ broad set of influences.

“Dreamshade music is a lot of things in my opinion. You got that sense of ‘Melodeath’ because that’s where we came from as kids. The band actually started playing that kind of music back in 2006 until 2010 and then we started adding more genres into it and kept doing that album after album. I think we will keep doing that because we just felt like it freshens everything up. We really listen to every music genre so it’s kinda natural to add elements and try new things every once in a while but the main element of our music will always remain Melodies.” ~ Fella

All work and no play makes Dreamshade really dull boys…?

With Dreamshade‘s stunning new music video released only weeks ago and already nearing 40,000 views, it reminded us of an interesting image the band put into circulation around the time of its first South African visit; where the band members were all crammed into a Jeep-style vehicle gunning through the African ‘bushveld’. Clearly having a blast! Whilst some of the band’s material has quite serious overtones, there is obviously a playful side at work too:

“Ha! Interesting question! We are always super serious when it comes to Music, Songwriting and Production; let’s make this clear. At the same time we are also very playful people. We joke a lot, we love laughing and we really have fun as a band because we just enjoy staying together, so we always have a great time together on and off stage. With the new video and also with some other material we released in the past our true nature just shines and everyone can see that. I think fans love to know that they can always come to us to talk and joke around a little bit. I think it makes them feel closer to the band in some human way!” ~ Fella

Dreamshade feet back on South African soil

Dreamshade has been around the proverbial block a little since its last visit. Significantly, apart from extensive European touring, Dreamshade also has experience touring Asia. We wondered if such widespread experience would have a bearing on the band members’ perspective of far-flung places, such as South Africa:

“Every country is different… Actually, every city is different and so it’s very difficult to answer your question in the right way but I’ll try. We never know what to expect in each city we visit and it’s not only a matter of how people of a certain country feel about music, but also about how they feel in that particular event where we’re playing! Sometimes the atmosphere in a venue is super warm and filled with excitement, and other times it’s just cold. What I can say for sure is that African and Asian crowds have always been very welcoming and warm to Dreamshade and we’re looking forward to be with you guys again!” ~ Fella

Moreover, returning to South Africa presents some opportunities one simply does not get in Europe. On the last visit, members of Dreamshade blitzed though on a tight schedule, slipping in what unique experienced could be managed. This time they’re hoping to lap up even more:

“I love your cities man! Enjoyed being around them and tasting your food. We had the chance of doing some Shark Diving and Wine experiences and really loved it! We are all big fans of Wine here since we live in Southern Switzerland and close to the Italian border (this is a Wine land!), so I’m really excited to experience that again. What we missed last time is a proper Safari. It would be so sick to be able to see all those wild animals. I really hope we get to do that this time! If you guys have anything else to suggest us during our stay please text us on Instagram or Facebook ’cause we hate to miss out.” ~ Fella

CAPE TOWN! You'll be the first show of this tour ❗️Last time we had a blast in SA and really can't wait to meet you all again for some serious hangs! 🍷🍷🍷Get involved and invite all your Party mates to this event! The more the merrier! 💪We're preparing everything to deliver an awesome show! 🔥

Posted by Dreamshade on Friday, February 1, 2019

South African tour dates:

13 February 2019 @ Mercury Live, Cape Town, with:
Truth and its Burden, Last One Alive, Treehouse Burningbuy tickets

14 February 2019 @ Pool City, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, with:
Truth and its Burden, All We’ve Known, Mezzanine Floorbuy tickets

15 February 2019 @ Arcade Empire, Pretoria, with:
Truth and its Burden, Facing the Gallows, OneDaySkybuy tickets

16 February 2019 @ Rumours Rock City, Johannesburg, with:
Truth and its Burden, Savage Lucy, Red Helenbuy tickets

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