Get Ready for Unearth at Krank’d Up Next Week

unearth-official-2014We’re halfway through September and with just over a week to go until Krank’d Up, we chatted briefly with Unearth vocalist Trevor Phipps. The US-based metalcore monster known as Unearth has been around since 1998 and has five full-length albums to their name, with a sixth on its way!

M4A: Unearth was the first band announced for Krank’d Up. What influenced your decision to play in South Africa?

Trevor: We’ve wanted to come to South Africa for a long time, so when Duncan Bell reached out to us about Krank’d Up we were pumped to finally get the opportunity. Our buds in Killswitch Engage talked it up pretty highly as well.

M4A: Have any of the band members visited South Africa or heard music from the country?

Trevor: This will be the first visit to South Africa for all of us. I was recently turned on to a few bands that are playing the festival and they all sound pretty killer. Most notably is The Drift. These guys are right up my alley as far as heaviness and foot stomping metal goes.

M4A: You’ve just announced your latest album, “Watchers of Rule”. What should long-time Unearth fans expect and which album would you recommend for new fans to start with?

Trevor: The new album is vicious, fast and aggressive as hell. I stand behind all of our albums, so I would recommend any record and any song to the newcomers. There’s never any half effort in this band.

M4A: What can fans expect at an Unearth show?

High energy, band and crowd participation, some sick pits and team good times.

Tickets for Krank’d Up Festival are available from Computicket and range from R275 to R500 for VIP tickets.

Unearth will be joined by Protest the Hero from Canada and a selection of local talent for one night only at Sundowners in Gauteng.

Watch Unearth‘s performance video for “False Idols” below: