Infanteria return to Gauteng for Arts Expo: Infiniti

Infanteria live at RAMfest 2014
Infanteria @ RAMfest CT 2014: photograph by J-H Bartlett

In the build-up to Emalyth‘s next installation of their annual Arts Expo, with this one sub-titled Infiniti, UnScene‘s Zain Domo took an interest in pursuing some of the band’s for a little chit-chat and sought out a home for it here at M4A. This is one of a series of interviews we were only too happy to indulge. Conversation between Zain Domo, and Chris Hall from Cape Town’s thrash monsters and Wacken Metal Battle 2013 South African representatives, Infanteria.

These days, there are very few names in local metal more intimidating or formidable then Infanteria, and in Cape Town, they’re as synonymous with local thrash as the name Metallica was in the USA during the 80’s.

Since its formation in 2006, Infanteria have played metal4Africa‘s SummerFest or WinterFest shows multiple times, been to the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany, plus opened for Trivium and Killswitch Engage at RAMfest Cape Town 2014. From the studio, they have released two exceptional albums including 2015’s Where Serpents Conquer and are perhaps on the road to become another one of the biggest names in the history of Cape Town’s metal scene.

So just what do these emo-bashing thrashers have up their sleeves for the hordes of metal purists come January 29th? Well, we managed to slip them a few question regarding just that and to gain a better understanding of how the Arts Expo fits into their dark plans of world domination.

Zain: You guys are hot off the heels of your recent blockbuster album release Where Serpents Conquer. From writing, recording, and ultimately launching the album last year, what have the band taken away from the whole experience?

Chris: It was extremely grueling to record, mix and master the album in six months. We wanted to get it out because we loved the songs so much and wanted people to hear them. I think we’ll give ourselves a bit more time with the next album because we were nearly burning ourselves out getting everything done in record time. We’re really pleased with the way it turned out though.

Zain: Infanteria consists of arguably some of the greatest talents in the SA metal scene and are revered as one of top acts in the country. But how did you arrive at this point? I’m sure many young bands would love to know.

Chris: The two “P”s. Perseverance and Practice. We knew what kind of music we wanted to play and it didn’t matter if it wasn’t the trend at the time. We have always played for ourselves. As the years rolled on, we got older, became better musicians, met the right people and got more comfortable live. I think the other big thing is that I was never put off by a band member leaving the band. Many bands give up once main members leave but I wasn’t going to let that get in the way of my dream.

Zain: Ok. Killswitch Engage and Trivium. It was two years ago, but what the hell was that like?

Chris: It was the best show we’ve ever played. We were very confident at that time and knew the Isolated Existence songs inside-out. It was just a few months after going to Wacken Open Air and the band was really close and united at that time, so we were on fire. Having Corey and Paolo from Trivium at the side of the stage watching us was surreal too. Great memories!

Zain: The Emalyth Arts Expo is next on “The Teria’s” agenda. What are you thoughts on the concept behind the event and how excited are you to finally be a part of it?

Chris: It’s an event we’ve wanted to play for many years. So many great bands are on the bill and I’m intrigued to check out the art side of it as well. It’s going to be a fun-filled weekend.

Zain: The Arts Expo, as usual, boasts a diverse lineup of local extreme talents that are sure to dig into the audiences from early Friday eve straight through to Sunday morning. But what does Infanteria offer this lineup that will leave a mark on supporters?

Chris: We always have a great time on stage and give our all to include the whole crowd in our performance and make it an experience rather than just watching a group of guys playing songs and headbanging. This will be the first time our Gauteng fans will be able to hear the Where Serpents Conquer songs live too, so I’m sure they’ll be excited for that.

Zain: Any last words for the guys and girls itching to catch a taste of “The Terias” come January 30th?

Chris: Make sure you get your asses to the show! We have a jam packed, energetic set planned out for you all so we’ll see you in the pit! Thanks for all the support.

To all the inhabitants of Wolmer Bush Lounge this weekend: WATCH OUT! The Teria’s are on the loose, they smell blood and are heading your way.

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