Infanteria’s newest member: Adrian Langeveld

Adrian Langeveld with his Mapex Saturn

An interview conducted by Ryno De Lange of Heavy Metal Panic with Adrian Langeveld of Infanteria.

Infanteria, Cape Town titans of thrash metal, first began stirring in 2006 when brothers Christopher and Rob Hall started their musical journey playing Metallica and Megadeth covers in high school together. At the time, the boys resided in the small town of Montagu on the Klein Karoo side of the Langeberge Mountains of the Western Cape.

After high school Chris and Rob migrated to Cape Town and started Infanteria. In 2010 I had witnessed a live performance at Muzone, a music venue in Brakenfell, and became an instant fan. In those days, the music was still pretty raw, with plenty of refinement required; but it was still quite unique compared to what I was coming across in the South African music community.

Fast tracking to 2015: Rob, now a qualified aircraft pilot, had decided to take a career opportunity overseas which required a departure from Infanteria; Christopher decided to get hold of The Summer Underground‘s drummer and good friend to the band, Adrian Langeveld.

In celebration of the bands release of their second studio album Where Serpents Conquer, it was high time to get to know more about Adrian, his past with ‘the Teria’, and where his future lays with the band. ~ Ryno De Lange (Heavy Metal Panic

HMP: Thank you for taking your time to answer a few questions for HMP. What is your history with Infanteria before you joined the band?

The trouble with this question is that I can’t actually remember! I think it was through a friend of mine named Sean from MacAudio (sound engineer extraordinaire) who mentioned Infanteria to me, since he worked with Chris. I went to check them out, liked what I saw (and heard, of course), and then I think what cemented it for me was their release of Isolated Existence at M4A‘s SummerFest’13. I was blown away by the energy and passion, and the fact that their tunes weren’t just cookie cutter; they had their own flavour, which is always good in a world of clones. Since then, I’ve become good mates with them and have followed their progress. Chris and I even jammed together on a team for a Slayer tribute show a couple years back.

HMP: Can you tell the fans a bit about your own music experience in the South African metal community?

Adrian Langeveld by Stephan BesterShoooooo. I’m one of the dinosaurs, but not really. I’ve been around since the mid 90’s in the Cape Town metal community, from about fifteen years old. From sneaking in to watch my first live show at Arties Underground (which was Sacraphyx); to starting my high school thrash band Damnatia, and winning a high school battle of the bands contest; then getting taken under the wing of local underground legends like Malcolm McArb, Adam van der Riet, Alec Surridge and George Schoombee; to eventually land up playing drums for Sacraphyx and consequently traveling with them to play at Wacken Open Air in the early 2000’s; supporting The Haunted on their South African tour; playing in a melodic metalcore band called Pulled From Six Feet, and; a stint on keyboards in the gothic rock band Revellus… it’s been plenty. In between all of that I’d often land up helping out with session drums when people needed it, such as helping out Mind Assault maaaaaaany moons ago and more recently with Moment Of Clarity and even rocker Mark Haze. Work took me overseas for some time, and then once back in the country, I got snapped up by Adam with his new heavy rock band The Summer Underground, of which I still am an active member.

HMP: How did the opportunity present itself to join Infanteria as their new drummer?

The opportunity came out of nowhere! Chris spoke to me and dropped the bomb that Rob had taken a job opportunity overseas, and he pretty much had to drop everything, pack and leave. So it was a bit of a surprise and a shock when he asked if I would be interested. I said yes immediately! What was awesome is that my band mates in The Summer Underground were really supportive and understanding in my taking the spot on the Infanteria throne.

HMP: What can Infanteria fans look forward to in the bands future career?

Well, tonight’s launch at ROAR for certain, along with some other cool shows for later in the year. Brace yourself. Where Serpents Conquer is coming and we hope to see as many people as possible there. Make sure to bring extra cash with for an album. Trust me: when I say once “Serpents” hits you, it’s going to hurt! In my view, it’s going to be aggressive, beautiful, haunting and big. I believe Chris has poured his heart and soul into writing an
all-encompassing album. I’m well proud of the work the boys have done

HMP: Besides your musical career, what else keeps you busy day to day?

When I’m not trying to be a rock star, I’m lucky enough to be an email designer/coder for the world’s largest and best online gaming company. It’s not the most rock n’ roll or thrashy job, but I like it all the same. That, and being a husband and father.

HMP: Has thrash metal always been a passion of yours?

I’ve loved thrash since I was first exposed to it at age of fifteen. My first tastes of it were Slayer with Hell Awaits, Exodus with Bonded by Blood, Sepultura with Beneath the Remains and, of course, Kill ‘em All and Ride the Lightning from Metallica. Once the metal bug took it’s bite, it never let go and I’ve loved thrash and most other forms of heavy
music ever since. From hard rock to thrash, melodeath to extreme death metal – I love it all. As far as playing the drums goes, thrash is always a great way to let of steam and really gets the blood pumping.

HMP: Anyone who has you as a Facebook friend will notice that you love sharing pictures of your drum sets. What drum kit are you playing with
and what makes them so special to you?

Adrian Langeveld with Mapex Pro MRight now I’m playing my very beautiful Mapex Saturn Series Limited Edition six piece kit for Infanteria. It’s in a yellow ochre burst finish and is made of a combination of birch and walnut woods with a maple outer wrap. It’s really tight and compact in setup and built for speed, which is perfect for what I’m having to play. What makes it special is that it’s a brand new kit and it kind of marks my brand new adventure with Infanteria.

I also have another beautiful Mapex Pro M maple kit, which is my huge battleship size one I use for The Summer Underground. It’s an eight-piece kit with two kick drums, and has a gorgeous caramel fade finish.

These drums are just the best and I absolutely love playing them. One or two kits is never enough. I am very fortunate to be a local Mapex endorsee and folks over at Paul Bothner Music always hook me up with awesome Mapex gear. I’m a bit of an addict!

Don’t even get me started on my Roland TD-30 electronic kit!

HMP: Last but not least, who would you like to thank.

I’d like to thank all the fans of ‘Teria and South African heavy music for the support and being so welcoming to the “new guy”, and of course Chris, Adriano, Tim and Rob for giving me the shot at the throne. The awesome musical instrument companies who look after me – Paul Bothner Music, Musical Distributors, Roland SA, Mapex SA, Aquarian, Istanbul Mehmet, BK Percussion and the awesome staff who work there. My beautiful wife and daughter for being so understanding and supportive of my musical hijinks, and of course my other band of brothers, The Summer Underground and Big H (WayCool) for being super awesome, supportive and understanding of me doing double duty.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the launch of Infanteria‘s Where Serpents Conquer! \m/

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