“Metal Culture and Community Inspires Us” – Killatoria Interview

Killatoria describe themselves as “a thrash band with a death metal edge” – or is it a death metal band with a thrashy edge? It’s hard to say, but having seen them perform often enough, I can attest to the fact that connoiseurs of both denominations will likely find much enjoyment in the sounds produced by these Jackson Guitar-wielding fiends of the SA metal underground. Regardless of any nit-picking over style, Killatoria has been steadily climbing the ladder since their inception in 2009, even to the point where the band was selected to perform the opening show of Valgar Entertainment’s Detonation Tour, featuring Italy’s Fleshgod Apocalypse, at Wolmer Events Arena (Pretoria, Gauteng). Aiden (Drums) describes this as the most exciting aspect of their appearing on the tour, quoted as saying “playing with Fleshgod at Wolmer, where Killatoria was formed.” It’s clear that the band has come some way since that first appearance!

Of course, such accomplishments cannot be achieved without some central ethos or band philosophies. I was determined to find out more about what makes Killatoria tick. With members of the band all being still relatively young and at the beginning of their careers, their immediate aims, as pointed out by Dale (Guitars), are “to play bigger shows, do tours around South Africa, meet new bands, make metal and eventually tour to international shores.” Claude (Guitars) added: “We always aim to put on a professional, tight show where everyone has fun and feels the urge to headbang”. The band also revealed that they regard their heroes not only as international bands (such as Metallica, Evile, Cannibal Corpse and Benediction, to name a few), but also sport some local peers inclusive of: Bile Of Man, Bloodbeast, Architecture Of Aggression, Warthane, Contrast The Water, A Walk With The Wicked, Suiderbees, Bleeding Spawn, Displeased Disfigurement, Stellawood Decapitation, Theatre Runs Red, Maximum Carnage, and many more “for the fact that they wave the SA metal flag high and always play tight shows,” says Adri (bass/vocals).

From live shows, a song that lingers long in one’s mind after it has been performed would be ‘Suck Satan’s Cock’. I felt that to get to understand the band better, it would be vital to ask about this song which, apart from it’s startling name, also has some very catchy riffs. Adri indulged me by telling how the song is inspired by the late American comedian, Bill Hicks. “His dark satirical comedy focused on mocking religion, politics and consumerism. He believed that by buying into mainstream society’s schemes, you are a sell-out and are basically sucking Satan’s cock”. He went on to explain how the lyrical content also portrays violent imagery. “A section of the song personifies society as a woman who is having sex with an ordinary man, when someone who is the personification of rebellion kills the ordinary man and proceeds to rape ‘society’s whore’. The end is how society succumbs to rebellion.”

Apart from live, the band also enjoys some good partying and heavy metal lifestyle, and they take it into what being in a band is all about. Claude says, “I’d say the metal culture and community inspires us. The music is part of it, but meeting and talking to metalheads, and sharing views over a Black Label reminds us of why we do what we do,” and when asked his definition of being a sell-out, he promptly added: “Not staying true to the music you originally set out to make and changing your style to suit a more commercial scene.”

In a closing statement, I wanted to know what advice the band had received which was most cherished amoung its members. Dale immediately piped up with “to keep on doing what we’re doing and stay original”. And so we at M4A will hold Killatoria to this ethos and wish them well on a long and fruitful career, and from this interview we trust that they are sufficiently equipped to deftly avoid the wrath of Satan’s cock.