Protest the Hero Warm’d Up For Krank’d Up

protest-the-hero-promo-2014South African metalheads are being spoiled for choice this year with a wide array of international bands having already played the local circuit and many more just around the corner. Krank’d Up Festival is just over a month away and will feature Unearth (USA) and Protest the Hero (CAN) sharing the stage for one night only at Sundowners in Gauteng. It will be the first time either band has visited the Dark Continent and based on the response to international shows so far, it promises to be one hell of an event!

In the run up to Krank’d Up we briefly spoke with Protest the Hero guitarist, Tim Millar, about the upcoming event, his knowledge of South Africa and the band’s recent crowdfunding of their fourth album, Volition.

M4A: The question on everybody’s mind is “Why South Africa?” Have any of the band visited SA before? What do you expect for Krank’d Up?

Tim: We are always looking to play in new places and we’ve heard that bands have recently been making the trip down. No one has been there before so we are all very excited and curious about what is in store. I’ve heard the crowd is going to be great at Krank’d up as well as the bands that are playing.

M4A: Have you heard any bands from South Africa before?

Tim: No, this will all be new to us, but from what I’ve heard we are in for a treat.

M4A: The band recently completed a very successful crowdfunding campaign. Has this made you re-evaluate how you will approach future albums and how do you think people’s attitude to music is changing?

Tim: People are willing to put their trust in a band that they like and support them. If they take a chance they can be part of something new and exciting. “Volition” turned out the way it did because we had the support behind us so I would like to hope people see this as a direct relationship. For future albums we will cross that bridge when we get there, but it’s nice to know the support is there if we need it.

M4A: What should fans prepare themselves at a Protest the Hero show?

Tim: We like to play our best, but also have a good time. We will be having a good laugh alongside the rest of the crowd and while we are taking a break in between songs, Rody, or singer will be entertaining you with some random story to keep the mood light.

Tickets for Krank’d Up Festival are available from Computicket and range from R275 to R500 for VIP tickets.

Stay tuned to Metal4Africa for more news about Krank’d Up and a more in-depth, face-to-face interview come the end of September. In the mean time, listen to the official stream of “Volition” below!