Unleashed in Gauteng – Suiderbees Interview

SuiderbeesSuiderbees are definitely one of Cape Town’s favourite bands. They’ve played with the likes of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Anarchy, Mind Assault, and Wildernessking to name a few. Started in December 2009 by Marc Olwage, the band has gone through a few member changes over the years, but this has not stopped them from creating a unique blend of symphonic death metal. On the last weekend of January the band piled into a cabbed bakkie and hit the road to play their very first Jo’burg gig at the Emalyth Arts Festival in Wolmer.

Metal4Africa met up with a very road worn Suiderbees at the festival the morning before their set.

M4A: Welcome to Jo’burg, guys! So, you’re primarily a Cape Town based band. Tell me what made you come all the way up country to spread the ‘Bees?

Marc: (Bass / Vocals) Well, we’ve got some fans up here, so we figured it’s about time for us to make the effort and come and do a show.
Cole: (Drums) I think it was also important for us to get some new experience. Playing in a new province and connecting with our fans up here. It’s great that people have been hearing our music online, but it’s quite another matter to hear something live. I think it’s a great opportunity for people to experience us live!

M4A: You guys have never toured up here before, right? This is the first time?

(Unanimous laughter)
Marc: Yes. First time here and loving it so far! We arrived last night and the event is looking great. Meeting some awesome people.

M4A: What are you expecting from the crowd? Think there will be any Suider’ converts when it’s all said and done?

Marc: Yeah, absolutely looking forward to playing.
Cole: (Laughs) We’re expecting bombs to go off… A mosh pit for every song! That would be awesome. (Unanimous laughter).

M4A: You’re not worried people will wander off because they don’t know who you guys are?

Marc: Yeah, they might, but we’re hoping our energy will pull people to the stage. We’re just going to play the best show we can.
Cole: So we’re definitely going to have a few converts tonight… They don’t know what they’re in for! (Unanimous laughter).

M4A: So you say you’re going to be using this as a segue into new territory, does that then mean we can expect to see more of you up in this side of the world, more tours?

Marc: We definitely want to, but touring always has to fall around our working schedules. I mean, we’re all pretty busy when it comes to our personal lives and work, so that’s a challenge. So, basically when we have time and finances.
Cole: Absolutely! Driving up, was a lot of fun, but I don’t think we’ll be doing it again. I think in future we’d prefer to fly up like the other Cape Town bands did. More flying in future.
Karin: (Keyboards) Look, driving is fun, but it’s definitely better for a longer term stay. Not just for a day or two.
Marc: Yeah… It’s bloody far!

M4A: Petrol ain’t cheap yo!

Cole: (Laughs) Shoa, shoa, shoa! And it’s going up soon!

M4A: You’ve played with some pretty big names, who are you looking forward to playing with or watching at Emalyth this weekend, and why?
Marc: It would be nice to play with Maximum Carnage again, we did the Anarchy show together which was great, and they’re just such great guys, so looking forward to that.
Karin: We played with Saint’s Method before, which was also pretty cool. They’re playing a little later, so I can’t wait to see them again. I was also amped to play with Sacrifist. They played last night, but what a set, we love them, such nice guys. Oh and Boargazm!

M4A: Is it more of a support role that you’re looking to play today, you know, build the community?

Karin: Both!
Marc: It’s just so cool to be playing with a lot of bands, especially bands we don’t necessarily know. We get to hear new music and see what the guys are getting up to and make new friends.
Divan: (Guitar / Vocals) My take is a little bit different, I mean it’s great to see the bands, but yeah, to support the Cape Town guys, and get some exposure and hype going here would be great. We share a band room with The Warinsane, and they’re going to be playing just before us, so it’s going to be good to be playing so close together.

suiderbees-the-segregationM4A: You guys have been recording your debut album, The Segregation.

Marc: All done.

M4A: What?! You’re done; you’ve just ruined my last question!

Marc: (Laughs) Yeah, we’re all done. It’s pretty much just the mixing and mastering that is holding the release back now. Ruan Jordaan (Megalodon) is busy moving, so it’s just finding the time to get the last of that process wrapped up. It’s taking a bit of time, but we’re really hoping for April. But it’s too difficult to give a solid date now.

M4A: The first single “Liars of the Cross” is already out and I have to say that I’m really digging it. How has the reception been thus far?

Marc: Really, really positive. We’ve won a lot of new fans just off that track. We’d like to release another one pretty soon to keep the momentum going before the album release.

M4A: Are you guys planning anything around the album release? Launch party, tours?

Marc: Yes, we really need to start getting into that. We’re working on album art and getting going with all those plans. I can say that people can expect a little something special when the time comes.

M4A: How did you guys find the recording process? I mean, I know how busy some of you are with work and all that, how was the experience?

Karin: Well I was pretty lucky in that when I had to record Ruan had moved to Durbanville, so I could just pop round and play my parts. So I really didn’t have to travel far at all. The rest of the guys all had to go through to Stellenbosch to get their parts recorded in the beginning. Ruan has been so key for me, he did amazing work on mixing the pre-recorded and programmed pieces, I really can’t give him enough credit.
Marc: Yeah, at first it was a bit hectic, but as Karin said, the majority of it was recorded in Durbanville which went pretty smoothly. It was a bit surreal and there was a lot of excitement around the fact that we’re getting an album out. At this stage, I just don’t know how to elaborate on that. Got party on the brain hey!

M4A: So how are you guys feeling in general? What’s the feeling for the band looking forward?

Marc: Positive! I think things are looking good for us.
Karin: Yeah, I think next year is going to be a good year. It’s the album, first gig outside of the Western Cape and new material.

M4A: You’re already working on new stuff?

Marc: Yep! Since the album’s been on hold I’ve been working on new material! (laughs). Slightly different style from what we are doing now… Going at full speed. 2014 is going be the year. We’ve set a lot of goals and it’s just about setting our minds to it and making it happen.

Judging from the set Suiderbees played later that evening, I can only agree. 2014 looks to be a great year ahead for the guys.

Stream “Liars of the Cross” by Suiderbees below: