M4A WinterFest’15 bands announced

Cape Town’s biggest gathering of metal celebrates nine years in the making

WinterFest'15 header image

WinterFest’15 approaches! On 08 August, metalheads will again unite from across sub-genres, suburbs, and nearby towns to raise horns in honour of local heavy metal music and culture.

There is a significant change taking place, however. Like a hammer to the face, recent news struck upon the Cape Town metal populace that the home of M4A SummerFest/WinterFest events for nearly nine years had burned down on 13 June (full article here). For the coming event, WinterFest’15 has been moved to The Assembly in Harrington Street, Cape Town city center (google map here). Whilst the new venue may not be endowed with all the charms of an outing into the Cape Winelands, The Assembly affords the organizers and supporters alike a lot of other opportunities which will be explored fully. This is also the same venue which recently accommodated internationals such as Kataklysm, Sepultura, and Behemoth (with the way paved by hosts Witchdoctor Productions: photos here) in 2014.

Much about WinterFest’15, the 18th event by www.metal4africa.com, will remain consistent with time-honoured tradition. The concept continues to showcase live samples of the best, the newest, the oldest, and the most captivating of what is on offer from this country. For newcomers, these concerts are the most popular event for an introduction into the realm of heavy metal in the region. Now, with putting the unfortunate circumstances aside, it is off to a fresh start on a stage which offers some of the best production available for a club stage in the city and enough space to absorb the headbanging hordes. The Assembly also features a large seated bar area, and will be opening up the adjacent ‘Annex’ for a second entertainment area and additional socializing space.

The Bands

This installation of the bi-annual celebration will be opened up with a new name on the scene who have garnered strong attention in their short history. DevilSpeak are a heavy thrash/death infused beast, attacking the city circuit with vigor and intent!

Following in close succession will be a change of pace, to something just a little bit slower, and a little bit darker as Mind The Child make their long-overdue debut to the M4A stage

Then with a further reduction in average tempo, but an increase in intensity, Conduit will also be appearing for the first time on a M4A stage. This moody outfit of four is led by one who brings a refreshing angle to the heavier ilk of female vocalists.

In keeping with the lady’s touch, Cape Town’s longtime female foursome are now a qualified quintet! Junkyard Lipstick re-introduced themselves at this years Witchfest as a new animal in the metal kingdom, and will be performing their M4A debut at WinterFest’15. As the years roll by, this band’s ethos appear to be: harder; faster; heavier…

By this time, we expect that fans would like to sink their teeth into some more familiar tastes. Beeldenstorm are back with their beautifully simplistic headbanging metal anthems, all sung in their home language of Afrikaans. The best medicine for fans of no-frills melodic death metal and a good time.

It has been a long time since we hosted anybody from the coastal city of Port Elizabeth. However, in 2013 we were blown away by Mezzanine Floor who traveled to Cape Town to compete in the Cape Town leg of Wacken Metal Battle and not at all surprised when they qualified for the SA finals in Gauteng. This outfit manages to perfectly marry interesting with heavy in their contrasty prog-post-metal vibe.

Returning ‘home’ after a three year absence from our stage, one of the bands from our earliest event line-up is Mind Assault. Known far and wide for delivering some of the most lively of headbanging entertainment on offer, Mind Assault melt together a crucible of elements most dear to the metal heart into one devastating experience.

Another band from our earliest of days, Infanteria have risen from strength to strength out of the most humble beginnings. This thrash powerhouse has much to boast, including representing South African metal in Germany at the 2013 Wacken Metal Battle; in which year was incidentally also the last time they have appeared on the M4A stage.

In keeping with the theme of winter, it has become something of a tradition to end the night on a chilling (though not idle) note with an offering of the dark and macabre. What could be more fitting than the black metal Armageddon which is otherwise known as Nebula Disrupt? Midst a storm of blastbeat fury and sweeping guitars, your destiny awaits you at WinterFest’15.

Timetable & General Info:

17h00 – Doors open
18h00 – DevilSpeak
18h45 – Mind The Child
19h30 – Conduit
20h15 – Junkyard Lipstick
21h00 – Beeldenstorm
21h45 – Mezzanine Floor (Port Elizabeth)
22h30 – Mind Assault
23h30 – Infanteria
00h30 – Nebula Disrupt

Features: WinterFest’15 will have two bar areas, a second entertainment area for non-live-music, stalls, and good vibes!

Tickets: No ticket reservations for general access is required. Patrons can pay cash at the door, at R90 per person.

WinterFest'15 tshirt designParty Bus: M4A are considering party bus options. With the new venue, it will be far less likely to fill a huge 60-seat vehicle running along the usual route, but other options may open up soon. Watch this space.

Official Merchandise: We are printing some shirts! These are made to order with payment in advance. Interested persons are encourage to follow instructions here. Although there will be a few heret-shirts for sale at the event, these will be extremely limited and possibly not in your desired size.

Please visit and join the official facebook event page.