Following the success of M4A hosting a Metal, Hard Rock & Alternative Stage at Ramfest in 2010, we will be doing so again in 2011.  We thank all the bands who submitted to participate in the coming festivities, but only 16 slots are available.   Although we’re keeping it balls to the wall, hosting this stage at Ramfest also allows M4A the unique opportunity to explore and expose some of our kindred “sub-genres” of “heavy”, so you can expect to see a few explorations away from our usual one-day festivities at the SummerFest & WinterFest shows.  In partnership with Ramfest a selection has been made as follows:

M4A Stage – Friday 04 March

18:30  –  Hard Rockers Down On The First kick off festivities in the M4A marquee.  This all-star line-up (featuring seasoned musicians spun off from bands such as Velve, 12th Avenue, Corruption Of Virtue & Heaven Underground) is presently brushing up on the finishing touches to their debut album, ‘??’, recorded and produced at Bellville Studios by none other than Theo Crous (Springbok Nude Girls, KOBUS).  After taking a bit of a sabbatical from the live circuit in 2010 in favor of recording the album, Down On The First come thundering back onto the live scene fully energized and ready to blow minds and eardrums…

19:30  –  Moment Of Clarity proved their namesakes at Ramfest IV when they opened up the M4A Stage… and the eyes of a good few hundred unsuspecting punters, bringing hundreds more streaming into the M4A Marquee within minutes.  Bringing a healthy balance between melody and power, controlled screams and crystal clear vocals, the desire to bang ones head and the need to simply stand awestruck… we had little choice but to welcome them back for another round of Ramfest.

20:30  –  From the northern lands of Gauteng, we welcome Knave to their first appearance on the M4A Stage.  Having been turning (but mostly banging) heads for years in their home city, and with many tours under the belt, Knave are no strangers to the South African festival scene and are guaranteed to bring a massive measure of entertainment to the Western Cape.  Don’t miss this one!

21:30  –  Things begin to take a turn for the ugly with Mind Assault.  As any metalhead who has seen this band live will know, this is a headbanging highlight of any event.  We welcome Mind Assault back to Ramfest as one of SA’s premier metal acts and top class entertainers, having also recently ‘proven their mettle’ at the mighty Oppikoppi in August 2010.  For those who do not know Mind Assault yet, keep an eye out for the upcoming release of ‘Metal Rites’ – for which Ramfest V will be the first launch show for the Western Cape, as well as adding a new dimension to their live show – we’ll say no more.

22:30  –  Contrast The Water are also  crowd favourites all across the land.  After a long leave of absence from the Western Cape we are only too delighted to have them return to the region for a Death Metal appearance at Ramfest.  With any luck, we hope to hear that their 2nd album will also be released in time for Ramfest.  Watch this space!

23:30  –  The Broken Result have taken the region by storm with the 2010 release of their debut album ‘Recursive’.  Having proven themselves with a string of monstrous gigs, including a mammoth performance at M4A WinterFest’10, it seemed only fitting to have them climb aboard to represent the more modern/contemporary side of metal.

00:30  –  Followers of M4A are no strangers to Infanteria who have been labouring away for a good few years, refining their sound from a high-school cover band into one of Cape Towns respected pioneers of the ‘thrash’ revival.  It’s high time that M4A pays it’s due by showcasing one of Cape Towns best kept secrets, now super-souped-up with keyboards & the works, bringing a new dimension to their rendition of thrash.

M4A Stage – Saturday 05 March

15:30  –  Hot?  Hung-over?  Of course you will be!  Come to the M4A Marquee to cool off in the shade and dig into some ice cold beers at the bar to shake off that baballas… to the instrumental celtic metal vibes of Gautengs Haggis & Bong.  Bagpipes, kilts, trombones, furious double-bass drumming – none of these are out of place where this band ventures.  It’s enough to turn any chilled out afternoon into a rip-roaring party

16:30  –  If you still have a claim to sanity by the time the pipes pipe down, then Symphonic Schizophrenia will finish what was started and have the men in white coats coming for you for sure.  No!  Wait… these guys are the men (and woman) in white coats!  I guess we’re all fucked then – with an extended dose of more instrumental madness.

17:30  –  If you’ve had enough of beer, why not try some whiskey?  At least, that is what the bearded hill-billies of Juggernaught will try to convince you.  Having just completed yet another tour of the Western Cape, these rugged rockers from Pretoria have proven to be of the right caliber to take Saturday matters on the M4A Stage to the next level…

18:30  –  Few bands have displayed such determination and desire to rise so rapidly to stardom as Sabretooth.  They’re fresh, they’re on fire, and they ooze the beloved 80’s.  Killer guitar solo’s, keyboard versus guitar duels, and a party on 12 legs.  We don’t know how else to describe this un-missable act from Cape Town.

19:30  –  Another crowd pleaser to return to Ramfest for this year are Enmity.  This dynamic act represents a cross-genre appeal that is too prominent to ignore.  They describe their sound as a blend between ‘Beauty’ and ‘Brutality’, and we now give you the opportunity to come and judge for yourselves.

20:30  –  Theatre Runs Red are one of the most exciting acts to come out of Durban in recent years.  Dark and brooding, they have a stage presence that is a rare find anywhere.  They bring together a well conceived shade of black over Death Metal.  Most surprising of all is the vocal capability of the extraordinary front lady, Ebony.  This will be their third visit to the Western Cape region.

21:30  –  A Walk With The Wicked have also risen rapidly to power.  From a humble slot at M4A SummerFest’09 to co-headlining SummerFest’10 a year later, and then touring with M4A to Gauteng & Kwazulu Natal, we have nowhere else to place them but on the M4A Stage at Ramfest V.  Pure unblemished metal performed with extreme professionalism.  Many could learn a lot if they chose to follow in these footsteps – if they chose to take… A Walk With The Wicked

22:30  –  Another favorite visitor from the Northern lands of Gauteng: The Dead Will Tell.  It is with great pleasure that we welcome them back after a long leave of absence from the region.  In the meantime, they have been taking their metal/metalcore to other parts of the Globe, having recently returned from Australia!

00:30  –  The M4A Stage takes a breather whilst ‘the International act’ gears up at our neighbouring Ramfest Stage, giving us the opportunity required to clean up the blood and guts.  And then at 00:30 we fire up again with a completely different flavour: Axxon – who bring a metalized edge to the already alternative genre of EBM/industrial.  If you have never been exposed to this sort of music, this will either freak you out completely or properly blow you away!

So book your leave and start digging out your camping gear and your drinking boots!  Access to festival on Thursday 03 March for early-bird ticket holders & artists only!

Location: Nekkies Holiday Resort, Worcester, Western Cape

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