Shredder Showdown

Neil Bezuidenhout - Moment Of ClarityWhat is Shredder Showdown?

This is a concept begun by metal4africa in 2008 to showcase some of the areas best lead guitarists! Often drowned out by their bands and less than perfect live sound, or not able to find a band who can match their skills, we have created a platform by which these highly skilled guitarists can demonstrate their prowess to live audiences.

The Shredder Showdown has grown in popularity, and since being integrated with the M4A SummerFest and WinterFest extravaganza’s, has become suddenly more competitive. To satisfy this demand, M4A has arranged the Shredder Showdown as a competition only two weeks before the main event of WinterFest’09. The top 3 guitarists will then be invited to perform at WinterFest’09, as well as to each win a prize hamper/voucher from Paul Bothner Music.

Would you like to participate?

This is a call to all Shredders!

If you think you have got what it takes to compete, contact [email protected] asap to reserve your spot in the competition.

You will be required to perform a 4-6 minute slot of solo guitar shredding. You are welcome to interpret “shredding” in any way! Remember, first of all, you must have fun.  Backing tracks welcome, but please supply as audio disk AND as mp3 on (virus free) flash disk as backup.

If you are selected as a top Shredder in one of the 3 catagories, then you will be invited to perform a second set of 4 – 6 minutes.  You may want to prepare a 2nd set – you never know!

The catagories:

1.  Fastest Shredder  (will be the one who displays speed and endurance)

2.  Most Imaginative Shredder (technique and creativity)

3.  Most Entertaining Shredder (pure showmanship!)

Judging will be based on crowd opinion.

DATE: 18 July, 2009

TIME: 21:00 onwards – with DJ’s between Shredders.

VENUE: Eye Of Horus pub and restaurant

ADDRESS: Corner of Raglan & John Merriman Street, Bellville (behind M-Kem Pharmacy)


Other important things to know:

Since the venue is a licensed pub, the Shredder Showdown is open only to those who are 18 years and older.  For the future, M4A are making efforts to find a suitable venue which is open to all.

Certain items of equipment will be available for Shredders to use: 2 top end amplifiers from LANEY (as used by Opeth and other world class acts) VH100R and GH100L.  Shredders are welcome to bring own amps if this is required for best performance.  Instruments, cables and other gadgets should be brought by the guitarist.

If the Shredder wishes to use a backing track, please bring it on audio disk, and as mp3 on a (virus free) flash disk for backup.

If you are a guitarist or bassist, why not attend Amp Crank as well? It will take place on the same day, at the same venue, and is also FREE ENTRANCE.