SummerFest’11 – 29 January 2011



It’s hot.  There’s more dry, sweltering, windy days than anybody cares for.  That’s because it’s fucking Summer!  …and the Cape Town metal masses eagerly await the annual M4A SummerFest’11 celebration of heavy metal sub-sulture.

At our home in the Klein Libertas Theatre (Bergzicht Plaza, off Du Toit Street, Stellenbosch) time stands still and we get to revisit some of the regions best metal moments time and time again.  Kick ass sound & light, furious mosh pits, a great variety of local and travelling bands, cold beers, and a social atmoshpere that is second to none.  What can be expected of this coming year?

SummerFest’11 Line-up:

17:00  –  A new terror has emerged from the Dark Continent.  If you venture into the “Suider” (Southern) part of Africa, then you must be prepared to confront the “Bees” (Beast).  Far from tamed, the SuiderbeeS awaits your arrival at SummerFest’11 to wrestle with your fate in the clutches of extreme symphonic death metal brutality.

17:45   –  For those who survive the initial onslaught, Wings of Aggression might prove to fly them to salvation with  their outlandish blend of Rock-Metal-Core… something…  Definitely worth a listen and a good banging of the head for these new guys on the block from the deep Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.

18:30  –  If you thought it was safe to come out at this time, you were wrong!  Regicide will bring a savage death to all.  Even the King!  Symphonic Metal with a modern edge, Regicide make their second appearance at M4A to blow speaker coils and eardrums.  You have been cautioned.

19:15  –  Loosening up the mood a little, Throatball offer a lighthearted party approach to metal.  Drawing influences particularly from old school aggressive punk and thrash bands, but with a sense of dark humour.  Members of Throatball are veterans of the local music industry, but have never drifted too far from their roots.  Respect!

20:00  –  With the African Sun sinking below the horizon, it is appropriate to bring on the darkness that is Erebus.  Many seasons have passed since their first appearance on the M4A Stage, and many have yearned their return since.  That time has finally come that this troupe of accomplished musicians grace us once again.  Bring on the black!

21:00  –  Stellitius have risen slowly and progressively through the years, but with the momentum gaining ever more rapidly.  The advantage they have taken from this is that the band is solid as a rock!  Intelligent music dilligently performed, with wild yet controlled solo’s, intense bass lines and tight-as-hell drumming, we are honoured to feature Stellitius at another M4A on the eve of their debut album launch.  Keep an eye open for details.

22:00  –  What line-up would be complete without including one of the regions titans of extreme?  None can deny the prowess of The Warinsane, and any who contest it will be destroyed in the ensuing moshpit.  No further introduction required for this band, save to say that they have acquired a new guitarist from none other than the memory of another excellent Cape Town death metal band, Azrail (R.I.P)

23:00  –  On this day will be declared an ‘Oath’ of allegiance to the nation of Stridentia!  Our lords and masters themselves will be present to ordane this sacred undertaking by performing some power metal anthems to their loyal subjects.  Strident never cease to entertain with their dramatic presence, somewhat contradicted by an abundance of light humour.  Enjoy!

The Party Bus

As tradition dictates, a party bus will travel through some of Cape Town’s prominent residential suburbs, gathering those who wish not to drink and drive – or who just enjoy a killer party – and bringing them safetly to and from the Stellenbosch venue.  Remember… book early!  The bus has sold out very early for the past two events, leaving many disappointed.  Tickets will cost R90 per seat and are payable in advance to confirm bookings.  Pick-up and drop-off locations as follows:

NB:  Times listed are estimations only.  Please ensure you are at the location and ready for departure at least 15 to 20 minutes in advance for safety margin.  The return trip will begin in Stellenbosch at 00:30, and drop-off at last location expected at approximately 02:00.

  • Wynberg – BP Garage across from Wynberg Sports Club – 14:00
  • Cape Town – Parking lot at Mercury Live – 14:15
  • Observatory – Anzio Rd. next to Snt Peter’s Square – 14:30
  • Goodwood – Parking lot at His People Church, N1 City – 14:50
  • Bellville – Parking Lot at Starlight Diner – 15:20
  • Brackenfell – Engen Garage in Okovango Rd. opposite Cape Gate – 15:45

NB:  Please note that these locations are from previous adventures.  They will only be used again if we have bookings from these locations.  Your seat is only guaranteed if you pay in advance, but you are welcome to arrive and see if anybody cancelled – but we cannot promise you a seat if you have not booked.  If you wish to arrive and take a chance, we’d advise you phone Andy: 0729972535 in advance to hear if the bus is stopping at a location near you.  You may bring a few beers onto the bus, but you may not take your own booze into the venue – an attempt to do this will result in confiscation.

Any additional info, please call Andy: 0729972535 or Patrick: 0846214913 asap!

Other Stuff

It’s Summer and it’s hot!  That means coming outside to the Klein Libertas lawn area often for some fresh air and cooling off.  We’ll again be investing in some outdoor entertainment, including Metal DJ’s big screen TV, and some other surpizes.  Keep an eye open for updates.

About the SummerFest’11 Artwork

The festivities already began in October when we invited graphic/digital artists to submit works with view to create the “look” for SummerFest’10.  Our wish has always been to include multiple facets of alternative sub-culture into the M4A events, including artworks.  As a new concept, we were pleasantly surpized at the enthusiasm with which members of the public took to the idea.  Although we could not use everybodies works and contributions, we’d like to congratulate Gavin McCleland of for his role as co-designer of the selected artwork above, and as used in our various printed materials such as booklets and posters.

Also deserving of mention were submissions from: Stephen Spinas, Christopher Hall, and Kalvin Sutherland.  We look forward to seeing this concept grow in the future.  if you are a graphic/digital artist, don’t be shy to start banging some ideas together for WinterFest’11…

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