Winterfest ’12 Lineup Announced

Cape Town’s monster “Showcase of African Metal” returns for its 12th installation since 2007.
WinterFest’12, presented by yours truly, brings the heavy metal sound back to our residence in the beautiful Cape Winelands of South Africa. We look forward to seeing you at the Klein Libertas Theatre in Stellenbosch on Saturday 28 July. As usual, we’re offering a good value-for-money outing to a great venue to spend the day with great people and heavy music. Besides the live music, you can expect a 2nd entertainment area where DJs will spin the best in local and international metal, a performance by the BOB’s Beasties dance troupe, our legendary party bus, a huge merch stall by Subterania Music and other treats.

Check out the awesome design work by Stephen Green below:

As always, we’ve spent long and hard racking our brains to ensure a line-up which can measure up to previous shows and we think we’ve nailed it! Of course, we’ve also held true to tradition by ensuring a wide spread of sub-genres, as well as bands new and old, while keeping things interesting and intense all the same.

Kicking off the show at 17:00 is Cape Town’s freshest offering of raw ‘Afrikaans Metaal’, Beeldenstorm! This act, hailing from the farthest reaches of the Northern Suburbs, has made a strong impression since first taking the stage in mid-2011. Good solid headbanging tunes that, as compared with a lot of excessively flashy stuff available today, brings us all back to the basics of what metal is all about.

Following at 17:45 is the long overdue appearance of The Impalement Theory. This young quintet has already performed at a number of major shows since emerging into the local scene in 2012, and are finally making their debut on the M4A stage. Just because there’s a girl in the band, don’t think you’ll get off lightly! Prepare yourselves for a mean mosh pit and a lot of action.

Next band up at 18:30 is Sindulgence, who are also making their debut on the M4A stage. This experimental death metal band has been working the local scene harder than most in these recent years, and have just completed their first album, Recollections (launch date: 23 June). They combine a diverse range of old-school death with some modern approaches and technicality, and will be very pleased to bring the roof down on top of you.

Although this next band at 19:15 is delivering their 1st ever live performance, every member is a seasoned M4A veteran. We’re very excited to welcome Gavin (Betray The Emissary), Adriano (Infanteria/21st Century Tragedy), Louis (Megalodon/The Broken Result), Ferdi (Day Turns Night) and Wez (The Broken Result) all back to the M4A stage in this all-star line-up known as Zombies Ate My Girlfriend. This will be a feeding frenzy not to be missed!

At 20:00, a band young in years, yet old and wise in experience. We’ve decided to import Pretoria’s Bloodbeast; featuring current and past members of Architecture of Aggression, Bile of Man and Fuck the Corpses. After the release of their full length, Bloodlust, the beast is most certainly out for blood and will satiate those with a hunger for brutal, groove-laden death metal! It will be their first time in Cape Town, so we encourage you all to support them and make sure it is not their last.

Allowing audiences a brief reprieve from the more serious side of metal, the WinterFest’12 saga will be continued by face-melting, sword-waving, fist-pumping metal conquering the stage, courtesy of Strident. Another band whose influence speaks far more for them than any words can hope to accomplish; Strident always deliver a top notch performance that is sure to get your head banging. If you can’t stand the heat, strap a furnace door to your face!

Anybody who is not in full swing by this time is probably a lost cause, with serious remedy required. A band that needs no introduction for the Cape Town scene, Mind Assault, will be bringing their definitively South African take on melodic death metal to Winterfest! Rumor has it that they are working on a followup full length to 2008’s Stigma and we trust that Winterfest’12 will showcase some of the band’s latest music.

Closing off the festival are industrial metal band, Axxon. Following a steady rise in the scene from humble beginnings, the band features a bone-shattering mix of distorted guitars, harsh vocals and floor-stomping electronics. Winterfest’12 will be their first live gig for 2012, so if you’ve missed them up until now, it’s the perfect time to check them out!

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