WinterFest’19, Saturday 27 July in Cape Town


WinterFest'19 poster

Cape Town, South Africa: once again, we come together for this city’s biggest celebration of “Friendship & Metal”. Presented by yours truly, WinterFest’19 will be‘s twenty-sixth event in this bi-annual festival fixture. It’ll also mark our thirteenth birthday.

WinterFest’19 Line-up:

We’ve cooked up quite the variety pot for the coming festivities.

16h30 – Khõja
17h15 – Ma-at
18h00 – Marene
18h55 – Abaddon
19h40 – Peasant
20h25 – Portraits of Flesh (PTA)
21h25 – Ill System
22h25 – DevilSpeak
23h25 – The Drift (JHB)

If you havene’t noticed by now, our WinterFest’19 line-up is less about the raw brutality exhibited at SummerFest’19 earlier this year. Rather, we’re seeking to emphasize a balance between light and dark; groove and extremity; the up-beat “bounce” and the slow. How are we doing?


The “Masked Villains”, Khõja, have been haunting the live scene since 2018. The band blends a balance between traditionally very different tastes, spanning from nu-metal to deathcore to oldschool influences. Plus they look really cool on stage with custom masks and an overall horror theme. What better way to kick off festivities?

Khoja 2019 press image


Ma-at appeared in 2016 as a three-member Doom powerhouse. In spite of being around for this amount of time already, playing at WinterFest’19 will be a M4A first for them. But what is life about if not good timing? The band has spent its time well, refining and crafting its position a sub-genre which is gaining in mass at the present time, and recently released a fabulous EP.

Ma-at 2018 press


If you have no idea of what “Flash Rock” is, then you need to check out Marene. This youthful ensemble is hellbent on changing the way live entertainment is carried out and perceived. We’re eager to see what they can achieve on our stage. With dealings between M4A and the band, we feel confident to say that whether you’re into the music or not, this is gonna be a fun ride!

Marene 2019 press


Still riding hard on the momentum of a debut album late last year, Abaddon returns to the M4A. Witness the rise of Blackened Thrash Metal! With another album in the works and a slew of shows under the belt, this not-so-new-anymore band is fast achieving its critical mass and we’re eager to share it with you at WinterFest’19. “Strike whilst the iron is hot”, they say.

Abaddon 2019 live


Still igniting the local Hardcore scene, Peasant smashes forward in 2019 with a new album and an upcoming international tour. We were lucky to be able to nab them for a performance at WinterFest’19 only days before they depart for Europe. Listen to some brand new music from the band and prepare for the onslaught!

Peasant 2019 press image 02

Portraits of Flesh

Portraits of Flesh from Pretoria simply demands our attention. Following a stunningly dark full-length album release in late 2018 with Endless Spiritual Decay, this Black Metal and Doom inspired band will take us on a chilling aural journey at WinterFest’19.

Portraits of Flesh 2018

Ill System

Ill System lit up the stage so ferociously at their last time on our stage that we’ve been eager to get them back! With a new set emerging and fresh music being released, there is no better time than the present. Something about this band with its bizarre infusion of multiple genres into a heavy onslaught just gets a room bouncing. Such is the magic we seek.

Ill System 2017 press photo


DevilSpeak has always been about doing things a little bit differently. Adding to exciting stage props, live streams and organic album recording; DevilSpeak recently released hard copies of its 2018 masterpiece EP, See Evil, Hear Evil, Speak Evil. As with everything else, a captivating aesthetic applies and just makes this a band to be celebrated once again.

DevilSpeak M4A 2017 by Christopher Tatzreither
Previous SummerFest: image courtesy of Christopher Tatzreither

The Drift

The Drift is back! Following three years of hiatus, this power quintet from Johannesburg recently welcomed an old Cape Town soul into the ranks; Alec Surridge, formerly from Sacraphyx and The Warinsane. With this new six-string muscle in the band, The Drift will soon deliver the third and final work from the long promised Dreams of Deluge album trilogy.

The Drift 2019 press

WinterFest’19 event details

Do join our event page on facebook! We’ll do regular updates and offer more information in real-time than in here.

Entrance will cost a mere R140, payable at the gate.

Bookings/reservations are only required for passengers wishing to use our bus services. Please make inquiry via our facebook page inbox.

Gates open at 15h00 on Saturday 27 July.
Regulars will notice that this is a full hour earlier than all previous M4A mini-festivals. Well, since we’re packing more headline-worthy action on the band stage, we’ve had to extend a few time-slots to maximize your enjoyment. Bands will now start playing half an hour earlier than usual, at 16h30.

Bar closes at 02h00


We’d like to take an opportunity to thank our longstanding partners.

Laney Amplification, South Africa, for the almighty Ironheart Series guitar amplifiers which offer consistently great service and extremely dynamic settings for the variety of bands we host. Also the RB (Richter Bass) series bass amps, never letting us down in all of these years.

Mapex Drums, South Africa, for always having us kitted out with durable equipment where it gets throttled the most!

Paul Bothner Music for keeping the fires burning, ensuring that our traveling visitors can travel lightweight and in fact enabling this culture to thrive where many others may have thrown in the towel.

True Believers Membership Club for keeping the figures in line and providing the financial security required to maintain a long-term event tradition such as the one we now enjoy.

Nytrox Productions for helping us to bridge the gaps in entertainment, and sometimes age groups of those being entertained.

Metronome for evolving with us over the last few years since moving the event from Stellenbosch into the Cape Town city limits. The passion of venue management and the efficiency and adaptability of staff is inspiring!

Food Lovers Market, Brackenfell, for keeping rumbling bellies at work from rumbling too loudly so that the Metal can be heard instead.

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