13th Empire: self-titled debut release out today

13th Empire 2017 press picture

Johannesburg, South Africa: meanwhile in ‘Hate City’, what began as merely a stirring of air with a facebook page and a name with a promise in October of 2016 has quickly whipped itself up into a gale force wind with the arrival of 13th Empire; and by all accounts, they’re in a hurry to get to wherever it is they’re going. Today, the melodic metal and hardcore inspired quintet has delivered not only it’s self-titled 13th Empire EP, but also a music video for the song ‘Cascade’.

The band consists of a number of scene veterans with members previously connected to the likes of Facing The Gallows, Truth and its Burden, Death by Ninja and Silvaback Live which helps to explain their sudden appearance and caliber of their offering; though at the heart of it, a 17-year-old surprise package in the form of Daniel Irving on vocals. The remainder of 13th Empire consists of Byron Hambly and James Irving on guitars, Simon Rutte on bass and Dale Keegan on drums, describing their sound as a new wave of progressive and melodic South African heavy metal, set on pushing the boundaries of heavy music locally and abroad.

The five-track 13th Empire EP was mixed and mastered by Craig “Tripwire” Hawkins at Audio Militia in Bryanston, Johannesburg, and the music video for ‘Cascades’ was produced by FiendishTV.

“We’re so excited to finally be releasing this music we’ve worked on for so long! It’s a surreal feeling but we see it as the start of a new era for us and for heavy melodic music in South Africa. We are so grateful to all our friends and family for their support, and the brilliant work done by Audio Militia and FiendishTV for our songs and video. Thank you all and we hope you enjoy the music!” ~ Byron Hambly (guitar, 13th Empire)

For fans of groove, prog, melody, and scream-singing styles of music, 13th Empire is in planning a launch event and national tour beginning in February 2017. In the meantime, the EP can be acquired via iTunes or Bandcamp as a digital release. A statement from another iconic figure caught our attention:

13th Empire is quite simply the most excited I’ve been about an upcoming metal project in years. Decades even. Their sound is a perfect blend of aggression, melody, groove and progression, all in perfect alignment. The sheer pedigree of the line-up is almost as mind-blowingly exciting as the emergence – out of nowhere – of 17-year-old vocalist, Daniel Irving. Sings like a fallen angel. Screams like a dying bear. Everything I’ve heard has been world-beating. I simply cannot fucking wait. All hail the Empire.” ~ Gord Laws (Music Journalist, Creative Director, Former FHM Music and Features Editor)

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