Breaking News

Ehem! We have an important announcement to make…

From this moment onward, is going to be receiving a new lease on life.

As some of our longer-standing visitors might know, the site went live in April 2009 and has seen only sporadic bursts of action since. From here on forward, as has been witnessed in the last few weeks, updates and developments will become a constant activity. One long, tiring year later, we have finally developed the infrustructure whereby has no longer the need to rely solely on help from volunteers in order to function.  We now have a permanent part-time staff member committed to keeping the wheels turning. Work has begun to develop M4A truly into the worlds greatest resource centre for African Metal, and soon to become Africa’s bridge to the rest of the world.

Having said so, we now invite all members of our African metal community (yes, that includes YOU) to submit items of interest and to share:

  1. Band press-releases
  2. Band details for our African Metal Band Directory
  3. News stories relevant to African Metal
  4. Requests for reviews on music (must be available online, or can be emailed as MP3)
  5. Requests for reviews on live shows (presently limited to Western Cape)

You need not worry too much about wording and grammar and spelling: M4A staff will synthesize useful information that you might send us into presentable form for publication. If the item is presentable on receipt, we will publish it with credentials to the person who submitted it. Individuals who display particular journalstic, writing or photographic skills might later find themselves recruited into M4A’s service, but for now, we’d like to welcome everybody. This site is for us all!

Submit any entries to [email protected] with the following entered into the “subject” bar: site item