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Metal veterans, ING, based in Cape Town have wowed audiences over this weekend on May 1.

Ing features ex-members of old-school bands such as Insurrection (Durban) and Sacraphyx (Cape Town) which hailed from the early 90’s SA Metal movement.  Yep! You guessed it: with that kind of history and musical experience, these guys are good at what they do. There has always been a lot of buzz around this band since they first appeared in about 2006 or so, for reasons good as well as not-so-good… mind you, not that the band members ever complained about those not-so-good – LOL!  Ing have been spoken about for their bizarre choice of name, their brutality in musical onslaught, their notoriously up-yours-to-everybody lyrics, and of course, their former drummer who was otherwise always referred to as: IPod – for obvious reasons.

This weekend was the first show where we witnessed the inclusion of Ing’s new (human) drummer, Marius Theron, well known for his work in Azrail.  If you were not at this show, make damned certain that you include Ing to your “must see” list for the near future – the new bout of energy released through this addition to the band is phenomenal!  There will be a lot more noise coming from the Ing guys this year – and all of those who ever dissed them about the lack of a real drummer in the past can now repent their sins against this awesome metal band.