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With only two shows under their collective belt, Heathens release their debut EP, appropriately titled “Oh Mock the Heavens and Let the Heathens Sing.” The 5-track album pays homage to legendary bands of both the first and second wave of Black Metal while still looking ahead and embracing evolution within their own signature Black ‘n Roll style. From the epic and fast-paced album opener “The Return,” to the anthemic and fist-pumping rhythms of the middle section, to the serene and ominous “Asleep,” and ending in the cascading and climactic album closer “Revelations and an End,” this record is a trip through the darkest and scariest caves of Black Metal, culminating in a secret ode to one of Metal’s finest. Lyrically, Heathens spew forth themes of logic, Heavy Metal, blasphemy and Paganism.

South African music has never ever sounded like this. A sinister, primal and Metal as fuck release. The EP was recorded, printed and packaged entirely by the band, in a pure D.I.Y. fashion. Featuring killer artwork courtesy of Tim Leibbrandt (A Walk with the Wicked, The Horror Cast), the record will be simply and beautifully packaged in a nice box with a few surprises inside. EP’s go on sale to the public for R50 on the 8th of May 2010.

“Oh Mock the Heavens and Let the Heathens Sing” track-listing:

 01 The Return

02 ‘Til the Aeons Come

03 Pagan Pleasures

04 Asleep

05 Revelations and an End…

 For fans of: Aura Noir, Darkthrone, Enslaved, Hellhammer, I, Immortal and Venom.

“Let the ignorant world know our name, And the Metal in our hearts forever remain!!!”