Finnish Folk Metallers hit SA shores…

…and although ‘Ensiferum’ have travelled a long, long way from home, the Southern tip of Africa has it’s own contingent of supporters for this unusual genre who have been most eager to welcome the Finns.  We asked Shay from the band Riddare Av Koden (who are touring with the band during their South African dates) how this all came about.  “It wasn’t planned or anything,” he told us, “it just happened!”  Laughing, Shay explained how the ball got rolling after he sent a normal ‘obsessed fan’ email to the bands manager who actually replied, suggesting Ensiferum’s desire to tour here.  “Only once the flights were booked and I saw the confirmation did it sink in that this was really happening,” Shay continued.
It seems that destiny has played it’s hand.  At the time when Shay emailed Ensiferums manager, they had apparently just been speculating about a tour to Africa.  Both Ensiferum and Riddare Av Koden leapt at the opportunity to work together towards making this tour a reality, also bringing in the expertise of a local events company.
Of course, being based in Cape Town ourselves, we at M4A had to ask why Cape Town was not included as one of the dates during Ensiferum’s time here in South Africa.  “The sad and brutal truth is that without local investment or monetary sponsorship, it was impossible for either band to finance the extra mileage that may have included Cape Town,” said Shay, “and so we had to make that decision rather than to risk losing the tour altogether”.  On that note, we at M4A believe that despite the disappointment expressed by Capetonians, this is probably the most realistic chance that many of us down here have of seeing Ensiferum live anyways!  Some have made the effort regardless, to which the guys of Riddare Av Koden have responded: “Pure fucking respect to those from Cape Town who are travelling to Jozi or Durbs for the shows”.
M4A went further to ask what Shay thought would be the significance of the Ensiferum visit, to which he responded: “I think it will open peoples minds to the diversity that the metal genre has to offer”.  He pointed out that not many were familiar with the Scandinavian folk/viking/battle metal as they were with, say, Melodic Death Metal – and also that it would provide a nice break away from the usual ‘core’ bands that the present scene seems to be almost saturated with.  “It will also open the doors for other bands to come here,” said Shay, “and help ours to gain a foothold overseas.”

The first show of the tour will begin in only a few days time at Burn Nightclub in Durban, before making it’s way to the North of Johannesburg and moving South through the city from there.
27 October @ Burn, Durban
28 October @ Cool Runnings, Fourways
29 October @ Rumours, Roodepoort
30 October @ The Black Dahlia, Boksburg
Bookings through computicket.

Another unique flavour to the tour is that 29 & 30 October will include Cape Town Power Metallers, Strident, who make their debut in Jozi.  See a review of their brand new album ‘Oath’, which will be available first to Johannesburg supporters at the shows –

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