2014 Wacken Metal Battle: South Africa in 3, 2, 1…

Wacken Metal Battle header 2014


It has arrived!  Tomorrow (Friday 07 June) see’s the kick-off of South Africa’s second year of participation in the international Wacken Metal Battle, facilitated locally by MK Ondergrond.  The competition features hundreds of metal bands from approximately thirty nations from across the globe, culminating in a mammoth showdown at the legendary Wacken Open Air festival in Germany.

Last year, Cape Town’s Infanteria went over to represent South Africa where they finished up within the top seven with their thrash sounds.

This year, South Africa alone is contributing forty bands to the overall contest, with only one semi-finalist able to go through to the Germany-based finals.  The first two heats take place near Cape Town with five entrants having it out at ROAR (299 Lower Main Road, Observatory) on Friday 06 June, and another nine bands at Klein Libertas Theatre (Bergzicht Plaza, Du Toit Street, Stellenbosch) on Saturday 07 June.

Competing bands on Friday include:

  • Arc Reactor
  • Imperial Destruction
  • Junkyard Lipstick
  • Sindulgence
  • With Dawn

Competing bands on Saturday include:

  • Forgive Us Not
  • Four A Penny
  • Messiah Complex
  • Mezzanine Floor
  • Moment Of Clarity
  • Strident
  • The Cake Is A Lie
  • The Fallen Prophets
  • Wargrave

Full details can be found at the Wacken Metal Battle: South Africa facebook page.

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