A Night Of Destruction… at small village festival

A Night Of Destruction: Geraasplaas

On Friday of 12 June, the small Eden District village of Albertinia in the Western Cape will experience an onslaught of heavy metal bands for the first time. Melodic death metal band Imperial Destruction are leading the charge to bring heavy metal to the uninitiated in the area.

Imperial Destruction, themselves from the small town of Gordon’s Bay, not far from Cape Town, established an ‘event brand’ called A Night Of Destruction in 2013. The concept was simple, and included a pooling of resources to take metal into places where the genre was unknown. It was started in a small pub called Sparrows in the band’s home town of Gordon’s Bay.

The band have now branched out further and are going bigger! With one member originating from the village of Albertinia, some 50km closer to Cape Town than the popular holiday destination of Mossel Bay, the band have attained a surprising foothold in the area with the village’s annual Aloe Festival. A third installation of A Night Of Destruction has been tagged onto the festival’s Friday night on a nearby farm, featuring nine metal bands from Cape Town and surrounds who will travel to the small village to perform as a supplement event to the Aloe Festival which is hosted there each year. The event introduces an interesting farm venue, suitably labelled for the weekend as Geraasplaas. The line-up will include (in order of appearance): Fuera, DevilSpeak, Animus Fall, Imperial Destruction, Subject To Slaughter, All Guns Full Ammo, Bulletscript, Suiderbees and The Fallen Prophets.

“The reason for this line up is not just the result of a last resort sort of thing, or “grab the first band that says yes” sort of thing; I wanted to bring bands of different varieties to the fest, to show the community how versatile metal music can be. It’s not all just cookie monster impersonations.” Wian Bester (guitarist, Imperial Destruction)

This text was taken as an excerpt from an interview with Wian Bester by the website Heavy Metal Panic (see full interview here).

Tickets for the event have been kept at low cost, only R100 for entry or R150 to include the camping option. The public is encouraged to contact Wian directly if they wish to make reservations. More detailed information is available at the facebook event page.

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