Abhorrent Anomaly: Oceanic Blasphemy

Johannesburg, South Africa: melodic death metal powerhouse, Abhorrent Anomaly, introduced itself late last year with the single ‘Transcend Humanity’. The two-man recording project consists of Alec Larsen and Ryno Rabe; both well-known for roles in Surdus and Spectral Realm respectively.

Oceanic Blasphemy, and a fresh take on death metal posture

Thus far, the band demonstrates a misanthropic in its lyrics. ‘Oceanic Blasphemy’ focuses on the damage that humanity has done to the ocean through over-fishing, waste disposal and a lust for oil.

“With Abhorrent Anomaly I want to shy away from the negative stereotypes of metal. I want to have a positive message, albeit told through the criticism of humanity. We are basically harbingers of doom.” ~ Alec Larsen (Vocals, Abhorrent Anomaly)

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This particular track also features a multi-national effort with a guest solo from Mozambican guitarist, Roberto Chitsonzo Jr from Norbormide.

“It was a great honour to have participated on Oceanic Blasphemy – I actually feel privileged! It was a challenge to write that solo because all the musicians that contributed to Oceanic Blasphemy are really, really talented!” ~ Roberto Chitsonzo Jr (guitar, Norbormide)

With the nature of Abhorrent Anomaly as being primarily studio-based, Alec and Ryno are exercising full creative freedom when inspiration strikes:

“I met Roberto when Surdus played in Botswana for ‘Rock The Nation 7’. I was blown away by his live performance with Norbormide and just knew he’d be great to collaborate with. His solo fits amazingly well into the song and he was a great pleasure to work with.” ~ Alec Larsen

“It was a really nice challenge to play such a technical song for Abhorrent Anomaly and I think it came out well with the structures. It’s got some darker parts and some extremely heavy parts as well, and it’s blended quite well together I think. Also, I feel that Roberto’s solo worked really well with mine and made it a real treat to be shredding alongside such talent!” ~ Ryno Rabe (guitar, Abhorrent Anomaly)

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