Abhorrent Anomaly: Transcend Humanity out now

Abhorrent Anomoly 2017 artwork

Johannesburg, South Africa: at M4A we were fortunate to get an early preview of this debut single from Abhorrent Anomaly. We’ve been dying to share ‘Transcend Humanity’ ever since. Two well known figures from the Johannesburg extreme music underground have united to bring about some melodic technical death metal.

Ryno Rabe (Spectral Realm) and Alec Larsen (Surdus) come together to share in some mutual influences; chief of which include The Faceless, Necrophagist, Beneath The Massacre, Beyond Creation and Nile. Lyrically, the music focuses on misanthropy and a general disdain for what humanity has done to the planet and to each other. We are the Abhorrent Anomaly! The goal is to ‘Transcend Humanity’.

Transcend Humanity, and transcending death metal

“I’ve always enjoyed technical death metal, but I also realize that some of it is very hard to digest because of how chaotic it is. I really believe that adding an emphasis on the melody can make something truly special, which is why I enjoy bands like The Faceless and Beyond Creation”. ~ Alec Larsen (vocals, Abhorrent Anomaly)

Alec tells of chatting with Ryno at a previous Emalyth Arts Expo about bringing a performance project together. The timing was not right, since both musicians were engrossed their main bands. However, with his skills development during the recording of SurdusTarnished By Decay album, Alec considered a fresh approach; to form a studio project instead. The idea opened new possibilities for both musicians.

“Of course I am a big fan of death metal and it was always something that I wanted to do. It felt very natural and fun writing together with Alec because I feel there is some connection in the music that I write, and the music he writes for Abhorrent Anomaly”. ~ Ryno Rabe (guitars, Abhorrent Anomaly)

A plot unfolds…

With the complimentary writing wrought into shape, Alec tells how Allen Purkiss at Dreamlab Studio was the obvious choice for production since both players’ main bands had released albums mixed and mastered by Allen. Besides a polished sound, the music also contains a few unusual features; such as clean vocals interlaced with standard guttural fare.

“The clean vocal style of Apocalypse Orchestra is something I really wanted to try pull off and ‘Transcend Humanity’ seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. I really had a lot of fun recording this track and I do feel privileged to have worked with someone who can shred as hard as Ryno. Allen, as usual, was a valuable asset in the production and is the mastermind behind the amazing orchestral elements. It was really great to have worked with Draconem Records, also allowing us to produce a lyric video through Poseidon Media”. ~ Alec Larsen

The natural question to follow, of course, is if we can expect to see Abhorrent Anomaly live on stage any time soon. The short answer is sadly a “no” for the foreseeable future. Alec declares a full length album as the more immediate goal, which would likely include a variety of guests. Thereafter, being sometime in 2018, anything is possible. For now, fans of the sub-genre can enjoy ‘Transcend Humanity’ and salivate at the prospect of more to come. Download it via bandcamp.

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