Aborted South African Tour: local support announced

Aborted South African Tour Poster 2015

Belgian death metal band, Aborted, were in South Africa as recently as last month with their one-night-only appearance at Witchfest Urban Camping Festival in the heart of Johannesburg. The festival hosts, Witchdoctor Productions, announced on 01 May that the band would be returning almost immediately to tour South Africa. This time, Aborted will visit the cities of Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town. In each city, they will be supported by three local bands. The promoter has placed a unique emphasis on this tour as being targeted to seek out fresh local acts for next year’s installation of Witchfest. Apart from a main support act in each city, Witchdoctor Productions will also introduce themselves and audiences to two newer bands as “showcase artists”.

Durban – 16 July @ Live – The Venue

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Theatre Runs Red, Witchfest and scene veterans, will represent as main support act in their home city. Widely regarded as one of South Africa’s most beloved of the dark and extreme, this female-fronted behemoth is known for a spectacular visual and aural assault.

Showcase bands include Become The Watcher and Vulvodynia.

Johannesburg – 17 July @ The Iron Tusk

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Bleeding Spawn are living proof that big-city-life and quality metal need not be combined as two ingredients in the same recipe. This quintet of brutal death metal vagabonds hail from the North-Eastern Highveld town of Middelburg, and yet have managed to imprint themselves clearly onto the national metalscape of greater South Africa.

Showcase bands include Diabolus Incarnate and Spectral Realm.

Cape Town – 18 July @ The Mercury Live, CT

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Junkyard Lipstick began their journey as an outlet for the fun and debaucherous antics of the femme fatales of local metal/hardcore/punk. They have gradually mutated and arrived into 2015 as an all-out thrash metal machine, producing truck-loads of Girl Power!

Showcase bands include Beeldenstorm and Thread Of Omen.

Tickets for any of the three shows can be acquired for R350 per person via the Witchdoctor Productions own web store, or via True Believer membership (more about this here), and are limited to 400 only per show. Tickets purchased on the night at the door will cost R450 per person.

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