Agro and Strident to support Eluveitie on SA tour


Eluveitie are about as popular a folk metal band as can be got, and somehow manage to merge an incredibly brutal, modern metal edge with the sounds and atmosphere of antiquity. Using old Euro-ethic instrumentation and vocals to counter-balance against contemporary metal guitar and drums, the Swiss band are said by some to be the tip of the spear leading this somewhat obscure genre worldwide. Although still only sprouting in countries such as South Africa, folk metal has blossomed massively in Europe for years already, being traced back to bands such as Skyclad more than two decades ago. Witchdoctor Productions are now bringing a taste of it to us right here at home in September 2015.

South Africa has not been completely devoid of the genre either, however, with past and present bands having drawn heavy influences from folky sounds such as Johannesburg’s Agro and Cape Town’s Strident. There are others who have engaged the sound and ethos head-on, such as Haggis and Bong, and the unfortunately now-disbanded Balyios.

Supporting Eluveitie in South Africa will be the aforementioned Strident in Cape Town, and Agro in Johannesburg. (click on each city highlighted to see the official facebook event pages).

We went in pursuit of the front-men of each local band for a few words:

“We’re incredibly excited to be opening for Eluveitie. We’re all fans of the band, and to not only be seeing them on home soil, but to also be playing the same stage as them, is a dream come true. We’re very grateful for the opportunity, and rest assured that our set will bear all the hallmarks of a Strident show: ostentation, epic sing-a-longs and some big surprises for the fans.” ~ Deon Van Heerden (Strident)

“Naturally, Agro are stoked to supporting Eluveitie on their SA tour… I have been a huge fan of the folk metal genre since the very first Skyclad album. We’ve had a monumental respect and love for Eluveitie since they released Slania and EVERYTHING after!!! to share a stage with them is nothing short of an overwhelming honour.” ~ Clifford Crabb (Agro)

Tickets are already available for sale via the Witchdoctor Productions website and other sources.

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