Aimed at You: ‘Drink Deep’ single released

Aimed at You 2016 press

Johannesburg, South Africa: metallic hard-rocking band Aimed at You has been rustling about in the Gauteng urban underbrush for some time already, having being founded in 2014. A gradual, but noticeable, increase to it’s presence has been felt as the six-piece outfit upped it’s showing at venues in the region, and it appears as though a new chapter is opening up for the band as it’s members prepare for a series of releases; the first of which appeared yesterday with the single ‘Drink Deep’.

“During the recording process of ‘Drink Deep’, we started conceptualizing our desire to take Aimed at You to the next phase of our evolution, which will mean an extremely busy time for us in the upcoming months with yet more releases to come.” ~ Lionel Cawood (guitar, Aimed at You)

Whilst the band has released material before, reference is made to “grassroots” material and a development of songwriting processes, which Aimed at You feels has now come to head with ‘Drink Deep’.

“‘Drink Deep’ was an incredible learning platform for the band from an early stage, and so represents a bit of a ‘then and now’ for the band. Not only was it a difficult one to construct, but it taught us the importance of managing our expectations from an early point and so it has thrived through the refining process, and every single component that it is comprised of is memorable and all-round fun to play.” ~ Lionel Cawood

For the listener who has yet to be introduced to Aimed at You, the band invites you to ‘Drink Deep’ in the figurative and literal senses, since Gauteng residents can catch them live on stage next week at Burnout Pub on 09 March, or at Sundowners as part of the Wacken Metal Battle: South Africa on 10 March.

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